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  1. hughinn

    Idea for a hybrid version of Permadeath

    I think no one mentioned the Haven & Hearth system, an indie MMORPG that i think no longer gets updated, in that game, you have permadeath, but, instead of starting all over again, you get a belief system between traditional and learning or something like that, getting the belief to traditional would lower your exp gain, but when you die, you'd keep a higher percentage of your stats. If it was at the learning side, you'd get faster exp, but be really vulnerable to losing tons of exp at death. Also, there is a skill called "Ranger" that let's you see "scents" of criminal actions, and if you wanted and the crime was bad enough you could teleport the player to his "heart" (a special item stored in the player's house or base) even if he was disconnected, to punish him for his crimes, the game is also a sandbox and completely community driven, there are special citys to trade and certain empires (you can construct buildings and entire citys/fortifications). Some special griefers made almost impenetrable fortifications where no one could get in (only them via his heart) so that he could commit crimes at will. EDIT: the game is permadeath, because your character gets deleted and you can't get it back, you can inherit part of the stats.
  2. I like it a lot, someone should do it, i'll sit here and wait for it
  3. ohh, a mix of world of goo and the idea of creating designs? that'd be nice, and doesn't seem like a difficult idea to implement, each "goo" could be a node in the Axe you said before, possibly with some sort of "design perfection" in a mix of time taken to build the weapon and correcteness in design to get a damage system ranking?
  4. first, i forgot to put the link in the edit part. http://www.semiautomagic.org/ Now, how to do an axe? Possibly, you need some quantity of wood for the handle (if you feel like using wood, could be bones or metal) and metal for the cutting part. You shape the axe in some way following the design, the handle in a separate step if it is a separate part (a wood handle for example), possibly by choosing when to heat the metal, when to hammer it, when to cool it with water, and carving the handle with a knife. you have to sharpen it to some extent, you have to make sure it's not too sharpened or it would be easy to break in a battle, there's a lot of complexity in you can have, and of course you wouldn't pretend everyone that plays to be an expert crafter, so some things should be made easier. What could you have? weight of the metal used affecting the movement and strength of the hit in a weapon, density making armors more or less protective, a clear difference between stabbing, slashing and blunt weapons. There's a lot of things that could be done.
  5. One idea i had soem time ago (which i can't really do because i barely make text games right know), is to actually let the player create the scheme of a weapon/tool/spells/whatever, just like the breeding idea but generalized. Just creating some basic variables like density of a metal and how long the weapon is, you allow the players to be the creative entity, and not having to go and create an creative AI someone mentioned, you let the player be what he wants, giving him the ability to truly craft something, and possibly stories too (dwark fortress is an example where you can create lots of things from the softcoded part of the game, and could give ideas). Another idea is making the crafting system more player-oriented, instead of giving skills as the only way to be better, mix up some player interaction, so that, for example, hammering the sword at the right time sharpens it better and gives a better attack bonus. EDIT: Don't really know how, but i found this pen and paper RPG where you can build spells and machines, it's pretty nice and maybe gives a way to implement what i said.
  6. hughinn

    Spaceship design: space vs slots

    I know Aurora is not known, but is basically the same case as Dwarf Fortress, a lone developer without much publicity making his game. I'm not saying you have to make a clone of it, but check the features and the inmense detail the game gives, and then, if you like something, you can implement it in a simpler way. Yes, the game is not well known, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.
  7. hughinn

    Spaceship design: space vs slots

    I think no one mentioned it, one of the best 4x games (at least that i heard of) is Aurora, whatever you do, terraforming, bulding spaceships, building defenses, bulding your race, gets an incredible detail, you can set the frequency of the laser you shoot so it can destroy different things more effectively, if you want to make a space-based 4x, i reccomend you look at it, or at least it's wiki, you could get a lot of ideas from it.
  8. hughinn

    Thoughs on a game

    Okay, I recently started a project, which is my first true program, i don't know how to really categorize the game. It's basically a text-adventure dungeon-crawler, a text-based roguelike or a single-player MUD, that's the closest possible things i though of it. The game is done on Scheme, specifically Racket, you enter a dungeon, beat monsters, pick objects, get the treasure an get out. Dungeons are randomly generated squares of X rooms, where you choose X (you can make dungeons with 2x2 rooms as you can make dungeons with 100x100 rooms). The thing i liked the most, was the modding ability you have, it's easy to create monsters, weapons, armors, stats and, with some thinking, you can simulate things like skin tough enough to be considered armor in some monsters. You can change almost all the text in the game, so from a dungeon crawl to get a treasure, you can get a My Little Pony story, a game where you search in the school for the answers to an exam, or change it to a templar knight looking for the holy grail. The game is in github here https://github.com/Hughinn/Dungeon/ or just download the zip file with a working game(without installing racket) in the attached file or the mediafire link in github. I need advice on things that either from the explanation above or from playing the game you think are lacking, combat system is generic, armor and weapons give some multipliers, min and max damage, magic attacks ignore armor, current and maximum HP. I'm currently trying to implement true bodys, so when you get hurt, you start to bleed, you can't hold a weapon if your arm has been ripped off etc. Thanks for any advice, or just for reading through this.
  9. hughinn

    Thoughs on a game

    it says on the post, i use Racket, an implementation of Scheme, it took 2 weeks on and off. It was my first program if you want to name it that way. If you're asking because of the post you made about making a MMORPG, you shouldn't really use this, the language enforces a different way of thinking, and most of the guide to make games wouldn't really be clear using it. Otherwise, it is a nice language to program and has awesome books written that can help you learn to program.
  10. hughinn

    Tile based multi-user RPG possible?

    I have an idea, which although does not allow infinite people in one tiel, it could if you want to. The system i though (although it probably exists in some way already) is to divide the tile in X spots, let's say 10. So, the tile is there, with 10 empy spots, when something or someone steps on that tile, it fills the first spot, if someone stops in the same tile, it would fill the second one. You can display whatever is filling the first spot or alternate between whats there and you have to make sure you make some interface to link to things in other spots. Depending on some things, this could be a good idea to use, though i can't really grasp the memory use in large maps.
  11. hughinn

    Thoughs on a game

    yes, thats correct, it's something like dwarf fortress if you ever played it, there is a folder with .txt files, which anyone can change and make the game do a huge amount of diferent things, like the ones i listed in the post.
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