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  1. What is this I don't even? (How does I make game?)

    Alright awesome. I think it was actually written a while ago back when Lua was just a baby thing that was not widely heard of. Thanks for the direction!
  2. What is this I don't even? (How does I make game?)

    I'll check that out thanks, it was some book I read that said I needed to write an interpreter before I could do anything with Lua.
  3. Hey, I'm new to the game designing/making scene and I've just picked up the Love 2D engine and have my whole game idea kind of mapped out. It's a sort of horror/platforming game with some shooting elements. What I'm at a loss for is where to begin. Namely I don't know much about how to do anything with Lua other than I'm going to need to write an intepreter in C basic I think.
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