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    Warning on NN threads!

    As someone who used to teach neural networks (albeit for vision systems and text recognition, about 10 years ago) I take umbrage with the idea that they're useless. They may well be useless for most game AI (apart from some augmented reality work), but not useless in general. Also, as an ex-neurological system modeller, McCulloch and Pitts neuron are a good starting point for (simple) mathematical models of the neural system.
  2. Have a look at Unity's web player hardware survey. It's far less gamer-centric as it's users tend to be casual players. The latest one shows: SM4 or above: 28.8% SM3: 22.9% SM2: 30.2% Less than SM2: 18.3%
  3. gregs

    [java] Game engine test

    Nice retro look, but some instructions would be useful.
  4. gregs

    Damm kids and knives

    I wasn't sure if you were being serious or not, as I have heard people espouse those views, but if you were reading the Sun's online comments, I can understand [grin] Well played, sir. I'd heard the same about organised crime in London, but the stats seem to change daily, depending on the source.
  5. gregs

    Damm kids and knives

    Quote:Original post by Dex Jackson Quote:Original post by gregs Tell me, do you read the Daily Mail, perchance? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA! (Not really, only HAHAH funny) If you ask people that are old enough to remember 70's and earlier, you'd have probably (although it varies) heard that it is a discriminatory newspaper- sometimes racist. It's a tabloid wrapped up in broadsheet style. Just read The Sun instead. If you want to get to the big leagues, read The Guardian or The Independent. 1) that wasn't aimed at you, it was aimed at ukdeveloper's comments about "prisons are like 3 star hotels" and "illegal immigrants with long criminal records and no jail time" 2) I remember the 70s, being old and all (Truthfully I was 6 in 1980)
  6. gregs

    Damm kids and knives

    Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper I get the overall impression that those involved in these types of crime really couldn't give a shit. After all, killing someone with a knife will get you a ~12 year taxpayer funded holiday in what is essentially a three star hotel. The nanny state and endless "human rights" rubbish coming from Brussels is preventing us from properly punishing our criminals which wreak havoc in this country. Seeing as you're from London, how do you feel about all these people who say that London would be a better and safer place if the Kray brothers were still around? I call bollocks on that, the 1960s were a totally different era; kids in those days played football in the streets, not roamed the streets in packs with knives and guns. My £ is on the Krays lasting three seconds before they get shot by a 16 year old illegal immigrant with a criminal record that is longer than the Encyclopaedia Britannica but with no prison time included. Tell me, do you read the Daily Mail, perchance?
  7. gregs

    Does xf86.h exist anymore?

    MODE_OK appears to be in xf86str.h. There also appear to be a number of video mode related flags defined there too.
  8. I wrote a little wrapper library for a subset of CgFX that lets it be used in python,
  9. gregs

    Engine Demo

    Q6600 nVidia 260GTX, Vertical sync off, 1680x1050 fullscreen: RPG: ~200fps Space: ~275fps Terrain: ~350fps What are you using PhysX for - I didn't see any physics. Or is it just a feature of the engine not used in these demos? Very good, nonetheless. I think we need a simple shader-based engine for the community.
  10. gregs


    So, in other words, you have decided what's wrong with you from researching it on the internet. Sneftel is quite correct in saying that you are not responding to the commentary of others in an empathic way. This still doesn't mean that you have the clinical criteria for AS. You have decided to place yourself in a group of people where you feel safe, either for medical or emotional reasons. Facial tics can mean a lot of things, very few of which are related to Tourettes or AS. As you consider yourself to have one, and there is a small overlap between the two conditions, you have decided that you may have both, thus Sneftel's comment about confirmation bias. All of this from research on the internet. Please go to a clinical psychologist or neuroscientist and get a real diagnosis. Being rude to strangers on the internet won't help anyone.
  11. It works fine here with VS2009 Standard installed. Are there supposed to be black polygons in the background? Log: Log started at 2009:01:23 23:18:03. 23:18:03 - Retrieving system information. OS: Windows Vista Processor name: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 Processor speed: 2000 MHz. Physical memory: 1.93572 GiB. 23:18:03 - Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M 23:18:13 - Created texture from file: gfx\nebula.jpg 23:18:14 - Created texture from file: gfx\asteroids.png 23:18:14 - Created texture from file: gfx\target_arw.png 23:18:14 - Created texture from file: gfx\target2.png 23:18:14 - Created texture from file: gfx\black.dds 23:18:14 - Created texture from file: gfx\red.dds 23:18:15 - Created texture from file: gfx\player_ship.dds 23:18:15 - Created texture from file: gfx\player_gun.dds 23:18:15 - Created texture from file: gfx\grain.png 23:18:15 - Created texture from file: gfx\mark.png 23:18:59 - Created texture from file: gfx\spark.png 23:18:59 - Created texture from file: gfx\flame01.png 23:18:59 - Created texture from file: gfx\flame02.png 23:19:01 - Created texture from file: gfx\flame03.png 23:19:17 - Terminated gracefully. Log ended at 2009:01:23 23:19:17.
  12. gregs

    Loading Doom 3 Level

    Here's a Doom 3 map viewer.
  13. It appears to be bringing mobile phone 3D graphics technology to a home audience. Given the hypothetical price points and the capabilities (as well as the casual software houses that already use BREW) this could be something interesting to watch. I found more info on the wikipedia page(pops), as I didn't want to have to register.
  14. gregs

    Slipfeed - An indie game community

    Yes, I would use it. For all I've said, it does look like a useful resource.
  15. gregs

    Slipfeed - An indie game community

    Oh - I agree completely, part of my job these days is web design, which does involve making things that look brilliant on Firefox, Safari and Opera look vaguely similar on IE (especially IE6, which tends to mangle CSS based sites quite happily - "Why are the pictures completely obscuring the text?"), but the *vast* majority of hits to the sites I look after come from people who use IE 6&7, so I see them as customers that I have to work a little harder for (a bit like supporting certain ancient integrated graphics chipsets in my renderer), not people to chastise. Nonetheless, I may have come over a little too harshly in my other post, especially as I really like its graphic design. Maybe an unobtrusive "looks best in Firefox" icon somewhere would be a happy medium.
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