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  1. Homecoming Joshua was adopted by his aunt and uncle at a very young age when both of his parents went missing. They were never found after an extensive search, and they told no one of any plans to leave or anything of the sort. Joshua is now 14 (? age changeable). He has had an uneventful life so far with his aunt and uncle but wishes to return to his hometown to talk to friends of his parents and find out if anyone has any information about what happened. He saved up money for a few weeks and then snuck out of his aunt and uncle's home one night, taking a hired taxi to his hometown of Pleasantwood. At this late hour, Joshua is the only person on the streets and the driver gives him a queer look, no doubt wondering what a kid is doing out alone at night. He seems friendly enough, so Joshua explains that he is going to visit his hometown, leaving out the details about his parents. After a few minutes of small chat, Joshua eases back into his seat and turns his attention to the window as a gentle drizzle patters against the glass. The trip should take several hours, and it's late, so Joshua begins to let sleep take him. He is ripped from his dreams by the screeching of rubber on asphalt and a jarring pain as his head bangs against the window.The next thing Joshua is aware of is the roaring, crashing pandemonium as the bus crashes nose first into a tree and his world goes black. It must have been only a moment, for when he opened his eyes he still had fresh blood oozing from a cut on his forehead. He then noticed the driver and screamed for the first of many times this night. The man was covered in blood and sat unmoving with his neck hanging limply at an awkward, grotesque angle. Joshua quickly scrambles out of the car and checks the pockets of the unresponsive driver for a phone, but finds nothing. The man is most certainly dead, but Joshua knows he must get help and report the incident. Shakily making his way to the road, he notices a street sign that reads: Pleasantwood 1 Mile. He sets off, breathing heavily . . . **At this point the game starts and the horror elements begin. Maybe he makes it to town and it is silent hill-esque, strange and everything seems aged and there is a strange, out-out-place and ominous tower sitting in the center of town that certainly shouldn't be there.** So you have a whole town to explore and can find clues about your missing parents and how they are tied into the strange happenings, and how you (Joshua or whatever his name ends up being) are involved [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]