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  1. SFML - Tile maps

    @bones, I understand most of what you said. I understand in programming there are many ways to do things. I understand the layers thing because it sounds like photoshop. So, i looked over his first 2 videos on loading and displaying tiles. This is very helpful. I will take what he is doing and apply it to SFML C++ Whats confusing is he seems to be scrolling the map. I thought you are suppose to scroll the map only when the play reaches the end.
  2. SFML - Tile maps

    I will try to not be vague so i can get some real help here.. so please bear with me.. I am tying to learn SFML I am not new to C++. What i want to do is make a map and have an animation sprite move around and have boundaries and interact with objects. I have an animation class and a player class where i am loading and displaying a sprite sheet and moving him around the screen(animation) for a player(not perfect but works). What i am confused about is making the maps and displaying them and setting boundaries for the player. I hear terms like level, layer but unsure what they really mean to game design, and how they all work with the map and the player animations, collision detection etc.. I want to make a 2D rpg type tile game. something like zelda or chrono trigger, final fantasy. I am trying to understand the structure. The first layer allows you to define a basic landscape. A second layer allows you to decorate it with trees, chairs, or other objects. A third layer contains your sprites? Are sprites just like enemies, players, etc? Or can they be a whole map? fourth layer defines the boundaries inside which the sprites can move. Question #1 Is this all done when i make the map? Do i define the layers in C++ code? Please forgive me if i seem to have a lot of questions below. Question: #2 I want to make a map and set boundaries( collision detection?) and move the player sprite around the map. I am just not sure where to start. Can i use something like tiled map editor? do i make one big map that consists of the entire game or do i make a map for each screen size? Do i just then add it to a data structure and then load it to the screen when needed? I was looking over this tutorial on developing a SFML C++ tile engine from scratch. [url=""]http://www.dreaminco...5[/url] He doesnt go into the map making process at all. he mentions XML which i am familiar with and xaml but unsure how to use it. XML seems like something that could be easy to use with SFML? Seems like good guide but unsure how XML fits in with the map making process! Can anyone give me some guidance on how the tile map process works with layers, etc..? I guess i am just confused on the process. Sorry if it seems like i have a lot of questions. I tried to shorten it so someone will help me. I have been threw most of what i can find for SFML