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  1. Yepp, it seems like that would be the best way to go Thanks everyone for all the advice! Now I just need to find a good programmer *giggle* Easy as pie *NOT*
  2. @Ashaman: Thank you for the tips! I do wish I had a 100k to throw away at my game, but alas, that's not the case I do have 2 little pre-games I want to do before the "bigger one", and now I'm working on the arts and such of those games. I didn't know that it's this difficult to find a game artist actually.
  3. @Alnite: No, actually, I never had a "regular job". I am self employed. One thing I do have going for me is that due to the nature of my work, which is in the entertainment business, I have access to advertise my games to a couple hundred thousand people who actually read/listen to what I write and say. I researched a bit about how to advertise your game(s), and a lot of forums and places agreed that one of the most difficult things is reaching a lot of people who care about what you have to say. But all this is in the future, right now I'm concentrating on familiarizing myself with what's needed to find a good and respectable programmer, who hopefully won't laugh at my idea, or try to rip me off. To be honest, I don't think I have much of a future in a day-to-day job (my current work wouldn't allow me to hold a steady job anyway).
  4. Ah thank you, this is very useful! Makes perfect sense I'll gather the materials I have and willing to share/demonstrate my points with, and then start a new thread with those questions in mind
  5. Any suggestions on where to get such overview of what programming for the iOS entails? I have never even talked to a programmer, what should I ask them? *feels very confused*
  6. I have tried to look at programming, and I didn't even know where to start, to be honest. So many different languages.... What should I look at to learn about programming for the iOS (Android too, but iOS for starters)? I don't even know what kind of language people use for that, and what a typical programmer's workflow is like. I looked into learning programming, but it feels very overwhelming, and between doing great graphics, sounds, menus, music, designs, QA and bug testing PLUS programming, it would sap the living life out of me to do it all myself. Especially that I highly doubt I could learn any sort of programming sufficiently enough within a relatively short period of time, to complete all the work by myself.
  7. @Ashaman: Thanks for the infos! I do have concept art somewhere on my external HDD, I'll dig them out (hopefully today). I can't really say comparative games, as I've not seen or played anything similar yet. Wow so 50k-80k! Do programmers work for a per hour wage, or a per project/overall fee? I do have another project that's pretty similar to the game Robot Unicorn Attack (it's 2D, graphics, flowchart, design, etc are all done, just need a programmer to put it together ). How would that go over with regards to programming time and cost? Again, sorry for my ignorance on what I feel like are completely basic knowledge.
  8. Thank you so much for the reply! Of course I would pay the programmer. I do a lot of art work, so I know what it's like when someone comes up to you and asks "Hey, could you design/draw/model this for me, you know, for FUN?" *giggle* I was mostly wondering about how I need to get things ready to discuss with potential programmers, so that they don't run away screaming "OMG noob" when they see my plans and ideas One more question I thought of: How does it get decided what is used in regards to putting the game together? I've heard of Unity 3D, let's say the programmer wants to use that. Would I have to buy the program for the programmer, or would he already have it? If he doesn't have it, how would I know if what he uses will do the job properly? Or, since it's a iOS game, would he HAVE to use their SDK (?) and that's it? Let me elaborate on a theory here If I were to make a game that is comparative to someone looking at an aquarium. The background is the inserted piece of plastic at the back of the aquarium, depicting whatever (so it's 2D). Your characters are the fish running around inside (3D). That's a mix of a 3D and 2D programming job, right? If a programmer were to program fish swimming about in this aquarium, is that considered a big job, or a small job? (Sorry, this is the best comparative I could come up with, haha). Please please keep in mind, that I know nothing about programming, so if I say something dumb, I don't mean to offend anyone
  9. Hi! I've been working on the flowchart, game description, all graphics and sounds for an iOS (and hopefully Android) app. I haven't been able to find answers to my questions on the net, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure what search terms to use. Maybe you guys can help me. Please bear in mind, that I know nothing about programming. Here are my questions: 1.) What format do I need to have my graphics in, so a programmer won't run away laughing when he looks at my project? 2.) Same question goes for sounds (both music and sound effects) and animations. 3.) If my game contains a few 3D elements, what format do they need to be in (I assume .obj, but I have no clue), and what about their textures? 4.) What else can I do to make the programmer's time as easy as possible regarding programming my game. Here I assumed that programmers must be tired of people coming to them with no layouts of any kind, and starting with "Hey, I thought of this awesome game last night, can you make it?". So I wrote a complete game description, almost finished with an all-scenario encompassing flowchart (this includes gameplay, menu navigation, backend, frontend, etc...), and am making all visual and audio arts as well. Hopefully this will cut down on programming time, as well as keep frustration levels low. How am I doing so far? Thanks in advance for the help! I'll probably remember a few more things tomorrow, but then I'll update this thread. Nice to meet you all! ~ Liana
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