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  1. Hi, I wrote this simple shader for a test static const char* VShaderText = "vs_1_1\n" "dcl_position v0\n" "dp4 oPos.x, v0, c0\n" "dp4 oPos.y, v0, c1\n" "mov oPos.zw, v0.zw\n" "dp4 oT0.x, v0, c4\n" "dp4 oT0.y, v0, c5\n"; and assembled it using D3DXAssembleShader, quite easy eh ? Yet it always fails and give "Syntax error" error message ? I know I've used this shader before and strangely this time it won't work.. Any ideas ?
  2. One thin that I noticed is that the most difficult part in converting the vertex declaration is the lack of vertex type in d3d8. Occasionally I'll encounter something like this that I need to convert to d3d8 vs declaration. D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 dwVertexDecl[] = { {0, 0, D3DDECLTYPE_SHORT2, D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT, D3DDECLUSAGE_POSITION, 0 }, }; D3DDECLTYPE_SHORT2 (unsigned short 16 bit) doesn't have a proper mapping in d3d8. Is there a way to get around this ?
  3. Hi, I'm currently dealing with porting some graphic code made in D3D9 to make it work in D3D8 (arghhh). I'm currently having some trouble porting the vertex declaration used in vertex shader. In d3d9 you just use CreateVertexDeclaration based on the d3dvertexelement9 to get the interface and use it to create vertex shader, while in d3d8 you need to actually write them by yourself. I was wondering if someone knows how to make d3d8 vertex declaration based on the d3d9vertexelement declaration ?
  4. I've done my research playing online racing games and it seems that the best way to do it is to let client has its own authority in physics (for the object it's controlling but not for other proxy objects). The server will receive the inputs message and client physics state, if there aren't any big difference between the client and server physics state then the server actually corrects itself according to the client msg. If the difference is big enough to raise suspicion of cheating or massive lag then the server will kicks in its authoritive function to send the correction. Otherwise the server will follow client's simulation. This will ensure that each client will play at the most responsive control available cause some games (like racing) require that. The only thing left is to avoid players using trainers or some sort.. pheww.. It's a hard task making multiplayer games, isn't it ? :)
  5. Hmm.. okay, so what I concluded so far is : fully deterministic physics engine is as elusive as bigfoot and you have to work your way around it. I guess that's okay, I really like the input based approach rather than heavy update on the client cause it's bandwith friendly :) but it sure damages your input response time and in a game where your input is very crucial in the game I don't think that'll work. I'm trying to make a hybrid version by taking the best of two worlds, any experience on this? Maybe I should get a book or something :)
  6. yup, i read gaffer's article awhile back. Even he insists that you need to have a deterministic physics engine/system otherwise your game will requires heavy sync.
  7. Recently I just found out that my physic engine of choice (ODE) is actually a non-deterministic engine. This revelation really hurt my multiplayer engine I'm currently planning. Further investigation on other engines reveals the same problem. If ODE is non-deterministic and so does the rest of the game oriented physics engines then how do people make multiplayer game ? Obviously in multiplayer game you want the simulation to run on each clients in synch with the server's simulation to eliminate the necessity of huge corrections. Are there any articles, tutorials or mailing list dedicated to this ? I've been googling around but the results aren't very good and sufficient.
  8. That was a nice article indeed altough it might be outdated. As a game developer I always negotiate to take away the pain of localization to the publisher. It's easier that way and you can actually do that the way publishers rip your money off and most of them won't mind infact sometimes they insist to let them do it. I don't wanna know what "hindernissenparcous" (19 chars word ???) means anyway and i think most game developers act like I do. Being a game developer is very painful as oppose to the general class of software developers when it comes to localization. Why ? 1. because we do not have the luxury of fonts library, GUI libs, etc made for us. Arghh.. don't even get me started on those non-latin/Unicode char set languages :) 2. we're not rich. You have to understand that sometimes when a developer trying to get the cheapest translator available it's not because we're cheap bastard. It's because we usually don't make alot of money by distributing to a foreign country. Sometimes we just want to have our game played in different part of the world. You'd be suprise on how little we get when the publisher simply doesnt want to take any risk. Of course I'm not saying about big boys here (big boys don't have this problem cause they can pay someone to do it well) If there's an advice : Make sure you all your text in the game not in the usual text file. Instead, use XML !! They are the most friendly text file available with open format and character sets and there are plenty of XML editor, parser, libs that can make your life easier. ps: that word i mentioned above is taken from a benelux magazine that reviewed my game. It sounds like a latin name for a species :D
  9. yanuart

    Motorama v1.1!

    hi, thanks for the input. I'll see what I can do with it. Feel free to visit our forum to talk about it if you're interested in this game. laterr
  10. yanuart

    Motorama v1.1!

    Quote:Original post by kayaltos And it's really hard to work with the level editor. I think when you point at polygon you should be able to drag it, if you point outside polygon but near vertex you should be able to rotate it, and when you click near polygon border vertex sould be added. Isn't the editor does this allready ? of course you need to click on the button first. Hmm.. should I make it automatic ?
  11. yanuart

    Motorama v1.1!

    Hi guys, after 5 months since its release my game Motorama is finally release it's new version 1.1 The new version will include the long awaited map editor for you to enjoy. Hopefully there'll be enough people who love the game willing to share their maps/levels so you can all have a long lasting experience playing the game. In case you don't know what Motorama is, Motorama is completely addicting sports & skill game fun. Motorama gives you total control of your motocross bike. You control the bike based on where the rider places his body weight and the torque produced by the rear wheel. Unlike racing simulations, Motorama features multiple tracks that require you to figure out how to cross the finish line in one piece. Deciding when to give it the gas and how to position your landing is the name of the game! Feel free to visit our website at http://www.motoramagame.com and try the game Enjoy !
  12. Hi, I'm trying to make a simple 2d sim and it'll use isometric projection (tile-based)like in any standard 2d rpg/sim game (think about ff tactics or the sims) I want to know how you guys calculate the isometric projection to handle tiles drawing from a gridmap or object selection from the screen. Have looked for article/tutorials about this matter but failed to find a good explanation especially if we want to use it in 2d games. SSo, if any of you know how to do this please enlighten me thanks
  13. you should try to download our latest build of the game http://www.motoramagame.com/download/motoramasetup.exe, it has quick start button and many more fixes (f2) so no more waiting to restart again.
  14. different bike has different characteristic but of course all of the regular motocross feels the same. you can always skip levels to get what you want. I guess all levels have their own difficulties and people so far have shown quite an interesting result. for ex. I consider one particular level to be tough and tend to hate it but there's alot of record submitted from that level.. guess I suck heh hey.. feel free to try the game .. hmm if you like to play more.. pm me
  15. :woot :woot my game's is download.com editor's pick and a friend say something about being at the frontpage of gamespot.com !! Too bad I missed that one, could've been wonderful tho
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