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  1. Hi all, I need help making a menu for my game that I am developing. I am using CoronaSDK to develop this game. I am fairly new to coding in LUA. I have the basics down and I am getting a book from my local library to learn the full "jist" of the language, but I won't be able to get there until next week and I have made a deadline for my menu to be made, and the deadline is on Thursday. I have the whole UI drawn out on paper. All I need to know is how to make a Play button to go the levels selection menu. Then how to make a High Scores button to go to a page that has all the High Scores on a separate screen. Finally, an Options button to obviously go to a Options screen. If you can, can you show me also on how to make the screen for the Options screen for sound to be adjusted, and also to put in like info on who made the game and copyright info. Also I am developing for both Android and iOS, so because some of the code is different, could you please give both because I know some code doesn't work on both platforms. Sorry that I am asking for a lot of info, but I just want to understand how to do it, and so that I could apply it in the future. Thanks! ~Landon
  2. Thanks once again for the reply! Now I understand what you mean for both steps 2 and 3. Also, I am a 10th grade student in my highschool. Haha Finally, what do you mean by "outsourcing the project"? Also, there is really no personal information besides the email, and that really isn't that personal. Thanks again! ~Landon
  3. Thanks for the reply! I have a few questions: 1. How would I do the below that you said: Like how would I make it so that until the server gives an OK, it won't let them get past that stage? Also, how would I do this: How would I make a "special message" for a forgotten password? And finally: I have taken this upon myself because [color=#404040]I just want to make it a lot easier for the students, parents, and teachers of my school to get access to all the school info, because I know that no one in my highschool has thought of this idea. So I brought it upon myself to develop this app for my school [color=#404040]Thanks again for the reply [color=#404040]~Landon
  4. I am developing an app for my school. I am using CoronaSDK to develop it, so I'm doing this in LUA. I need help making a login part of the app so that only students, parents, and teachers can login with the correct credentials given to them. I need help with these parts: 1. I have gotten all the login info (school username and password to access computers in the school) for all the students at my school from the technicians, but I don't know if I should put these in a database or in a local file on the app. 2. Once done with the 1st step, I need to know how to make it so that if the student, parent, or teacher puts in the wrong username or password, it won't let them use the app. But if they out the right info inm it allows them to access the app. 3. Next, I also need to know how to make it so that if a student, parent, or teacher forgets their password, instead of coming to the school and asking, the app could send it to the email of the student, parent, or teacher. (the email address is included with the login info in step 1) It would greatly help me if someone could give me detailed info on how to do this. (code examples would be great!) Thanks! ~Landon
  5. Landon Patmore

    CoronaSDK Help

    I'm new to CoronaSDK still, I understand LUA at a basic level, but i'm getting progressively better My question do you really put in main.lua ? I'm just curious so that i don't put the wrong things in there. Thanks! Landon
  6. Landon Patmore

    What Order To Code In?

    I don't use C++ SeiryuEnder, I use LUA. Thanks though!
  7. Landon Patmore

    What Order To Code In?

    Thanks so much guys! This will really help me in the long run! You guys are very informative on what you say and how you describe it and now i completely understand what you are saying. Again thanks! ~Landon
  8. Landon Patmore

    What Order To Code In?

    Could you explain these 4 parts of the cycle a little more in depth. Like would you make the menu first, or the level. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, I need a little help...i'm new to CoronaSDK and Lua language...I understand the basics. But i need help in the order in which i'm suppose to code in. I don't know if i should make the menu first, the pictures, or levels. I'm just confused with this. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this. Thanks!! Landon
  10. [font=times new roman,times,serif]Hi Everyone,[/font] [font=times new roman,times,serif]I need a little help...i'm new to CoronaSDK and Lua language...I understand the basics. But i need help in the order in which i'm suppose to code in. I don't know if i should make the menu first, the pictures, or levels. I'm just confused with this. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this. [/font] [font=times new roman,times,serif]Thanks!![/font] [font=times new roman,times,serif]Landon[/font]
  11. Landon Patmore

    How to make a game level in C++

    No sorry, it would help if you could explain it. Thanks.
  12. I have an idea for the game I am making. It is game somewhat like Angry Birds. It uses a cannon and you have different cannonballs for different levels. The object of the game is to knock down the increasingly harder structures. Now the DragonFireSDK has support for Box2D. The question I am trying to ask is how am I suppose to make different levels. For example: There are 7 worlds, each world has 20 different levels inside of it. I want to know how to make different levels. Also,I got an email from the support team of DragonFireSDK, and they said that: "Well, You probably want to save your level data in a file or even data structures in your program. When a level is requested, you would load that particular set of data and render your level accordingly." I don't know how to do the above things they sent to me. It would really help if you could show me how to do this. Thanks! (I'm new to C++, so can you "dumb" it down so it would be understand. Sorry for the inconvinence.)
  13. Landon Patmore

    Box2D Help

    I need to find resources that explain in depth what all the Box2D code lines mean because I don't understand them. Thanks! (I'm using DragonFireSDK for this.)
  14. Landon Patmore

    Need C++ Help

    I need help with C++. I need books or Internet resources where I can learn C++ and get the basics down. Thanks!
  15. Landon Patmore

    iOS Game Level

    Thanks for the reply, I am new to C++. Can you explain to me a little bit more about what you posted before. Also, how would I call the different worlds when they are clicked on like you stated here: First World: world1.txt Second World: world2.txt ..... ..... Name of the Seventh World: world7.txt Also, can you explain this part a little bit more: Background : coolbackground.png Groundlevel : 20 Cannon : 20,50 WallType1 : 30,30,40,80 WallType1 : 40,30,100,40 WallType2 : 20,10,30,70 Then how would I call the different levels if they are .txt files. Also, what do you mean by binary format and also you said something about a level editor so that I could make my levels. Can you explain that more in depth? Sorry if I am asking for a lot I just want to understand everything. Thanks!
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