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    Attack of the Clones

    Thanks for everyone's input. I will definitely try and improve the article as soon as I have time. I originally meant the article to read more like a "How to" for preventing your games from being cloned but like many said it came of as more of a rant. I also apologize for the poor grammar, I'm primarily a programmer so writing isn't one of my strong points though I'm trying to improve.    I understand where many of you are coming from in saying that almost all games could be considered clones. Most games are inspired from games in the past. Most games take a concept from another game improve upon it. In the article I tried to explain that I don't consider these games clones. The games that I consider clones do not change game mechanics at all from the original title and simply change the art. Here is a short article that I think better defines the types of clones that I'm trying to describe as well as their development process, http://kotaku.com/the-depressing-black-market-where-games-are-ripped-off-1516904667       Thanks for checking out my game. I think your right in that the game shares some similarities to the DKC barrel mechanics, but the barrel sequences in DKC are very different of my game. DKC depends heavily on timing your shots from one barrel to another, while my game depends more on moving your character while outside of a barrel. I also tried to add to the mechanics by adding features such as barrels firing from other barrels. The game plays much different than DKC though I'm sure some may call the game a clone without even playing it.   I haven't seen any games out there that I would call a clone of my game, or even clones of DKC. I think recently three games have been announced that use the DKC barrel mechanic, they all look great by the way. From the footage seen of them I would have to say that depend more on timing your shots more than moving your character in the air to reach other barrels or dodge obstacles.   I'd like to thank everyone again for reading and post your input. I'll work on making this a more informative article that written better.
  2. bglanzer


    Tanuk is a mobile game where you control a Tanuki firing barrel to barrel navigating various timing puzzles and physics hazards.
  3. bglanzer

    Lady Tanuki Robe Color Concepts

    From the album: Tanuk

    Concept art for another playable character.
  4. bglanzer

    Big Spikeball

    From the album: Tanuk

    Screenshot of a chase level
  5. bglanzer

    Tanuk screenshot 06

    From the album: Tanuk

  6. bglanzer

    Tanuk screenshot 05

    From the album: Tanuk

  7. bglanzer

    Tanuk screenshot 04

    From the album: Tanuk

  8. bglanzer

    Tanuk screenshot 03

    From the album: Tanuk

  9. bglanzer

    Tanuk screenshot 02

    From the album: Tanuk

  10. bglanzer

    Tanuk screenshot 01

    From the album: Tanuk

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