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  1. Hi! I'm a professional programmer (http://arianv.com) with years of experience in web and game development. About 2 days ago, I started working on a game prototype. It worked out and I got the base mechanics of the game done, plus a level editor!   The game is in the puzzle genre, with unique mechanics I based off an old game that has not really been rehashed/revived yet, and which I feel can be quite a hit if done right. The nature of the game's mechanics allows for a game that is brimming with personality, which I feel is really popular especially on the mobile market.   The reason I'm looking for a rev-share collaborator is because I really believe in this game, and want someone who I can bounce ideas off with and can form a possible long time partnership with.   The design of the game is going to be inherently juicy, and i feel like the art style that will work wonders for the game is similar to pudding monsters or cut the rope. I would of course be really interested in hearing your opinion as well.   I also have tons of client work experience as well so I can assure you that I'll see this project gets done. ?Thanks! Please pm me so I can send you a link to the game (keeping it under wraps for now ;)
  2. Secretmapper

    Your experiences in your first job?

    I agree with L. Spiro. I usually take this approach in every walk of life (be it academic, work, social). Thing is work with the best, because you can learn from them.     If experienced programmers are very anti-social, I guess it could be a problem. Though showing them that you are eager to learn generally helps. I had this superior once who was always easily angered, wanted to do things very quickly, and was very unpopular with the juniors (but not the superiors). Once I showed him that I was willing to learn, he softened up, and I learned buttsload of stuff from him.   These experienced ones generally have even more 'romantic view' as you say  - they love what they do so much that they actually want to work with them all the time. What I do is show that I have the common interest in the field and they usually also get excited once I show I have the same viewpoint as them. At least, this works for me :)
  3. Secretmapper

    What Are Your Opinions About Various Languages ?

    Sorry, but some of your statements just miss really. Yes, I know it's just opinion, but just so other readers won't be misled:     PHP spitting out Javascript Code!? Code Smell right there. JS is pretty powerful, and with Node.JS on the rise...     Ah, PHP, the inconsistent naming schemes, the fractal of bad design, the incredibly verbose function names ( mysql_real_escape_string), and this picture: http://www.codinghorror.com/.a/6a0120a85dcdae970b017742d249d5970d-800wi       Jeff Atwood, co-founder of SO: Where C# can stand for .NET in this context.
  4. Secretmapper

    Portfolio and advice

    Thanks @Rid_ ! You bring very valuable points and I'll be sure to add them on my to do list!
  5. Secretmapper

    I think I got pidgeonholed

    You don't know for sure though. Programmers might be interviewing you, but that doesn't automatically mean that they will ask programming related stuff. Maybe as the main developers, they just want to know if the new project scheduler is going to be a fit to the team?
  6. Secretmapper

    Portfolio and advice

    Thanks for your reply!     Have you taken a look at my portfolio? Any ways I can improve?   Thanks in advance again :)
  7. Secretmapper

    Portfolio and advice

    Would you kindly take a look and critique my portfolio? I think one of my biggest problems is me not actually showing any code. I do not have enough flavor text to discuss my roles in each project. Perhaps I should actually expand each game/project, (with different screenshots, and maybe screenshots of code? that will look pretty :) ===========   The university that seems like a very viable option for me is only offering a B.A. in Multimedia Studies. Should I look for another university that offers a traditional CS degree? Is it that important, or would the B.A. in MS be enough to at least get me looks?
  8. @Imelior & @slayemin You guys are totally correct. Rereading my article, I have the same thoughts as you guys. I guess I cut it off like that because it was getting pretty lengthy. But still...
  9. @colonycapture This will benefit anyone who wants an introduction to Algorithms and Big-O. This may include professional developers who have not taken this in a university setting (e.g. self-taught) or a beginner.
  10. I'd say HTML5/JS is perfect for him. No need for a full blown engine like Unity.
  11. Ah! Darn you "Where you live" filter ! I don't leave in the U.S. 
  12. Secretmapper

    Games Are a Whole New Form of Storytelling

    @-Crimsix- I disagree. There are very old movies that are now considered as art, and all of them did not even have the pinch of technology and even budget that modern movies now have. What they did have however, was impeccable imagination and masterful usage of what they're provided of.    I also disagree that a seemingly endless story branch is innovation - it is nothing more than a glorified sandbox game. To be honest, I see it as a weakness.   Let me play the game once, and just leave me in awe to the pure genius of the game. Replayability is for mundane enjoyment.
  13. Secretmapper

    Games Are a Whole New Form of Storytelling

    I personally think that video games will only be art if it manages to convey an experience that would not be possible in any other medium.   The problem I see with storytelling in games is that it just copies movies, a 'blockbuster' type game if you will. The player's experience is still in the mercy of the game's story (it's no different than a book, or a movie, only this time you control some parts)   I think one very good example of a game as art is Rohrer's Passage. This is because there is absolutely no way you could copy it in any other medium: the 'story', or 'experience' is told completely using the mechanics. How you play the game shows the story in its form.   I think good story-telling in games and art games are very different. MGS1 had a pretty good story, but I would not consider it 'art-sy'. MGS2 however, had a pretty 'OK' story, but I consider it full blown art, because it doesn't tell it story at face-value, but through mechanics (how the game plays).
  14.     This. There are a LOT of forums dedicated for testing, just sleuth around. The model is generally, "Test my game and I'l test yours!". It's very useful and it works because everyone is happy.
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