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  1. Hi scrap! You might want to look for local clubs as well, so you can benefit from the experience of others. Depending on where you live you might be able to meet up with others interested in making games and pool your resources in person. You can do the same on the net but you may learn faster from each other face to face
  2. Inrideo

    Total newbie with a few questions

    Definitely check out Python and the Doryen Library (aka libtcod). You can find a starter tutorial that will get you up and running with a roguelike game in a couple of days. You can have a lot of fun with it and it has some very neat tricks up it's sleeve.
  3. Liana, Since you mentioned Unity3D, I suggest you quickly hit the Unity site and register the engine for yourself. They currently have a promotion where you get the basic free version of Unity PLUS you can add on iOS and Android support for free as well. This will save you $800 if you decide a month from now that that is what you are using. The promotion ends on the 8th so it's definitely worth acting on it today. (Also, once you get it, install and activate your serial number immediately. If you activate it after April 8th you may not be able to access your bonus licenses)
  4. Inrideo

    Starting in Python: best graphics module?

    Wouldn't a dedicated 2D engine simply be the best option for a beginner wanting to work in 2D just for the succinctness of the API documentation? As a newbie coder I wouldn't want to have to wade through tons of function docs to find something I need buried among a large volume of functions I don't.
  5. Inrideo

    Need to pick an engine

    There are some great tools for Unity3D which can aid you in your 2D workflow. I just found ex2D on sale in the asset store for $15 bucks and it looks to be worth every penny. (Not affiliated with them ) Couple that with the current Unity license promotion and you have an inexpensive, yet powerful, 2D platform with the versatility of 3D.
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