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  1. when i was 12 i found a game called EVE online and got officially addicted and wasted about 3 years playing that damn game! haha i still love it and play sometimes, and its what influenced my aspiration to become a game designer! i wanted to deliver a feeling that eve did to me! that accomplishment you get when youve worked with the same people for over a year abd complete a goal you all strived for. even tho i know i wont be making an mmo like that(anytime soon at least) i am still learning C#, now im learning how to use XNA, and unity 3d, and blender. and im working on a project right now! and doing my best to do what i love.
  2. yes fairly like spore is my idea. and yes its a massive goal and i dont plan on finishing it all the way really but its something i want to work on. what was spore created with?
  3. what kind of sizes are used in most industry standard games. i mean if everything was microscopic you would never know because your down there with them, or everything could be huge. how would you know? would there be benefits of having a different size for one game vs other sizes.
  4. Leadwerks 3D? (TO GOOGLE!)
  5. yes i asked my self alot of the same questions and know how much detail it can go into, especially with having creatures on the world. i think just having the world created would be my first goal and just add animal life and AI all that later. but i was thinking of using a game engine, im just not sure if they could handle something so massive
  6. i would love to design my MMO also. just the sheer time effort and people needed are all thats stopping me
  7. [quote name='cowsarenotevil' timestamp='1343509535' post='4964098'] I've never even played an MMO. [/quote] im so sorry for your loss ;(
  8. haha interesting! i had the same experience but with planet side 2... i basically had that game on paper and then they started beta testing... i was a bit depressed, thinking i couldnt make my new awesome MMO because they had done it. lol
  9. who else started in their game dev journey with an big MMO idea, but had no experience developing anything in the past. what was your idea? how big was it? i did. i had a really huge game i wanted to make, all by my self. haha. well its about a year later and i have real work done on much more realistic goals. just wondering if anyones got some stories
  10. looks cool dude! first game? keep designing man your good at it
  11. i have my own adventure i want to go on. i want to create a real-time living "earth" like world. i need an engine or program(thats free) and very in depth with detail and can do this. i mean down to the animals roaming about, birds flying, wind, clouds, weather, etc etc... now i know how hard it would to mimic the earth into a program, im not going THAT far, but im going to as much detail as i can without taking days on end for 1 little feature. i plan on going over the large aspects first and building from the top down. and now, im looking for any software that anyone knows of that could do something like this? game engine maybe? maybe something else?
  12. you could of just put the letters UML! haha, just adding those letters in my search shines many lights on my path! one that would just help with organizing instead of have an online DOC like Google docs and have me type how everything is going to look and act and work can get very confusing! thank you
  13. id say download unity 3d and folow a few tutorials(very easy when someone is there telling you what to do), they have some on their site and theres always YT. you might write a few simple scripts, learn how to light, how general tools work that are used in alot of engines, brushes, skyboxes, how to create a first person view, 3rd person also. creating and parenting objects, setting values etc etc... should shine a little light on how designing a game goes about. from there the college should take care of the rest.
  14. i have looked around and found none, and was wondering if anyone knows of any free software that aids in game development. not an engine. a program that helps organize and plan aspects of the game before its created. something everyone on the team can access and modify, put in sound tracks, 3d models they think could work, code snippets etc. and everyone can view and discuss. hope i got the point across good, thanks!
  15. thanks guys! i have no idea what any of this means i was asking for my artist, so i just copy pasted alot of the info to him. should help him alot! thanks again!