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  1. cairnswm

    How old is the competition?

    I'm 37 Been programming since about the age of 12. Been using Delphi to develop games for nearly 10years now.
  2. cairnswm


    Very Cool. Are you allowing us to use it as we want in our games?
  3. cairnswm

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    Latest Screen shot: Fantasy Land
  4. cairnswm

    4E5 Technology

    Name: No Idea :) Genre: 2D Isometric something Language: Delphi Dimenions: 2D Rendering: SDL and OpenGL Input: SDL Sound: SDL_Mixer UI: S2DLGui - My own unreleased GUI for SDL Name: No Idea2 :) Genre: Top down something Language: haXe Dimenions: 2D Rendering: Flash Two possible projects there. If I do the haXe project it will be something relativly simple.
  5. cairnswm

    [4E4] On Target?

    I've had 3 months of 60-80 hour weeks at work. So I am about two months behind schedule - I havn't touched my 4E4 code in about 2 months. I will however get something done for the contest - I've done enough 48hour Game Dev contests to know that I can get something finished in time :)
  6. cairnswm

    RTS entries.

    More than likely my game will use a normal dashboard type display at the bottom of the screen. I have thought of using a system like the Sims. When you select a unit/building/group of units a display is shown around them with possible commands that lets the player click on them to select. The additional complexity of - has the player clicked a command button or another unit on the map leads me to think it would be easier to just use the typical display at the bottom of the screen instead.
  7. cairnswm

    RTS entries.

    I am doing an RTS. Using 2 of the 4 elements as Races and the other 2 as special units for a third race. I have a scrolling world, with minimap, keyboard shortcuts to access units and spaces on the map. A basic design of required units and features has been done. Mostly I'll be using Reiners graphics but for the Robot race I have an artist. So far 3 of the robot's 5 buildings have been modelled but not yet included in the game. Next step is to do A* pathfinding properly into the game. Once that is done I think the rest of the game will fit together very nicely. Unfortunatly I havn't spent any time on it for the last month as work has got in the way (6 weeks of 60+ hours :( ) Project gets handed over to users in 2 weeks time - I should then have lots of time available.
  8. cairnswm

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Thanks for the positive feedback - its still got a LONG way to go :)
  9. cairnswm

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Common misconception with Pascal :) I am a delphi coder most of the time so for my games I also use Delphi. There is no game logic in the game yet (if you follow the link to the blog you will find the latest download and you can play with it yourself). I am updating the blog every couple of days with a new version of the program, along with screen shots and sometimes the full source. Next things to add are path finding and collision detection.
  10. cairnswm

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Here is a screenshot: The blog for my entry is here:
  11. cairnswm

    Share your idea

    1. Currently Unnamed 2. RTS 3. Robots, Zombies, and humans who have special units: Ninjas or Pirates 4. 2D Isometric 5. The world is in conflict - Humans and Zombies are fighting each other for control of the world. Into this conflict lands a Robot space ship. The humans fight the robots for their technology. The robots defend themselves while trying to rebuild their ship. The zombies just kill everyone, the robots sentience is enough for the robots to be turned into zombies. 6. Playing each of the races in the game will require a completly different set of skills. The races should be different enough that they require completely different strategies.
  12. cairnswm

    [4E4] Are you competing?

    I will be entering - isometric RTS game developed in Delphi (maybe freepascal) using SDL and OpenGL. I have a progress thread open on if anyone wants to see exactly how I develop the game. Each time I make significant changes tot the engine and or game I post the updated version onto the thread along with a screen shot and a source download link.
  13. cairnswm

    [4e4]Annoying contest content...

    The solution to being busy is to put in as much time as you have available. I leave at 6am from home to go to work. I work until 6pm most days at the moment. When I get home I have a family of a wife and three kids to give attention to. The kids go to bed at 8:30pm. And only then do I start work on my entry. I never go to bed after 11pm so I have at most 2 and half hours per day to work on my entry and anything else I need to do at home. That is enough time to get something done. The most important part of it is to make sure you do something each week so that the game progresses. Give it a go - finishing a game - even a small game will be worth it. Choose something easy - how about battleships where the player can choose if he wants to be Pirates, or Space based Robot warships? Get it working and then add Artificial Intellegence for a single player option, networking for multiplayer etc.
  14. Rule Clarification: Just want clarification on these two conflicting rules: Contest Rule 5. Entrants may submit as many entries as they would like under the following conditions: and Ftp Rule 3. Upload your entry file. Only one file allowed per entrant, and file must be in a compressed format (.ZIP or .RAR).
  15. cairnswm


    My understanding of the Torque engines is that they are all C++ code that gets compiled into the final product. So no Delphi option.
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