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  1. Dahamonnah

    Are donations to a free game revenue?

    Thank you. This was very helpful in clearing up this confusion. I wasn't in any kind of trouble , just asking for future reference.
  2. I was reading the license for some free-to-use code libraries and I came across the license section and read that it's free as long there's no revenue collected either directly or indirectly. I was wondering if I made a free game and I put up a donation page or something if it's technically (indirect) revenue. I looked for an answer and couldn't find what I'm looking for.   manny
  3. Dahamonnah

    Which Game Engine To Start With?

    Thanks for using my post as a referance
  4. Dahamonnah

    How powerful is Java?

    Thank you all for your help and support. - Manny.
  5. Hi, I'm just wondering about the power of Java compared to other languages (in game development), I'm just starting out on Java and I wanna know how powerful is it and what kind of games it's capable of running. Thank you. - Manny.
  6. Dahamonnah

    High-level and Low-level languages.

    Thank you all for your help and support
  7. Hi, I'm a beginner in the world of programming, I was just curious, what are high-level and low-level programming languages, and what are some examples of those, also any example will be helpful. I hear those terms quite a lot and I don't know what it means. Thank you. - Manny
  8. Well, my main target in Game dev is C++. I tried starting with that but it was too complicated and difficult for me, so I did some research on programming languages and I was unsure what to choose, C# or Java, so I just chose Java and here I am. Thank you superman3275
  9. Hello, I'm a beginner programmer, I need some help concerning Java game development capabilites and how learning Java may help me in learning C++. Also, any help on game development in general is very helpful. but let's stay on the main topic, which is how does java do performance-wise and what kind of game quality it can produce. Also i need some info on the difficulty of the language and how much time I need to be good at it. P.S. : Any example of good 2D and 3D games (besides minecraft and runescape) will be very helpful. Thank you - Manny
  10. Game maker is a great program, it's really good for 2D games, i reccomend you check out Wanderlust Rebirth and Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu, there are many other awesome 2D GM games and some 3D games also.
  11. GameDev has such an awesome community :)
  12. Thank you all for your feedback.
  13. actually i want to get into this language because, it's a really powerful language and there are many great books on it (where i live), but not many books on C and other language, well no good ones, also i kinda don't have a lot of time on my hands to learn other languages and take the time to learn them, i have 3 years before i get into college (hopefully), and i want a lot of experience then, that's why i want to devote all these 3 years to learning C++.
  14. Thank you all for your feedback and help.
  15. Dahamonnah

    need suggestions for game editors/engines

    I agree with jbadams, Gamemaker in my opinion is the best way to start developing simple and complex games, it's my recommendation to use it, there's a free version which is limited to some functions like (3D, particle effects, etc.), it also has a built in Image Editor which I still use to make most of my sprites. Also I have this thing where if I use a really simple Game Engine/Tool, I don't feel satisfied with the game i made, but with Gamemaker I feel like i made something really awesome.
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