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  1. Anyone working on a Sci-Fi based game?

    Very cool Artific!  Thanks!
  2. Looks great!  Keep up the good work!
  3. Anyone working on a Sci-Fi based game?

    Multiplayer space combat game I've been working on for many years as a hobby:   www.sec13.com  
  4. Is this legit?

    Hahaha, this site is awesome. Nothing screams "quick template" like stock photos of trendy-looking business people. I love their oh-so-vague services list: Quote: Diversity of our services include but are not limited with: * Game Integrated Logistics (What is that even supposed to mean?) * Technology Solutions (Little vague there, chief.) * Customer services (I think they forgot to replace this generic template bullet with their own text.) * Customer Care (Which is entirely different than "Customer services".) * Development and managing of Anti-Fraud departments (They make games and assemble fraud departments, LOL.) * Tactical Fraud Analysis (Still LOL.) * Designing of new fraud prevention tools (I love it. More LOL.) I give this site the "Epic Fail" award. Just when I thought scammers were getting smarter. To answer your original question... Quote:Is this legit? No.
  5. anyone tried Safari Books Online?

    We have a subscription here at work for all the programmers. It's a fantastic resource....much more cost effective than buying all these books at Barnes & Noble. I would definately recommend it, especially if you need to brush up on a bunch of different subjects in a short period of time.
  6. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ Team name: Egosoft Project description: A follow-up to our last game, X3: Reunion No way, I just picked up that game on Steam. Beautiful game! Very inspiring.
  7. Team name Reactor Interactive Team description Team currently consists of 1 project leader, 1 technical director, 5 programmers, 4 artists, 5 musicians, 3 writers and 1 web developer, from all over the world. We have developers in every US time zone and all over the world from Seattle to Hong Kong. Team website http://www.reactorinteractive.net Team size Currently 20, but the number fluxuates occasionally. Key team members Drew Clark - Project Lead, Designer Ryan Buhr (me) - Technical Director, Designer Timothy Graupmann - Senior Programmer Chris Sekorski - Art Lead Gilad Eisenberger, Liam Graham, Mike Cioffi, Zach Bethel - Programmers Paul Nurkowski, Joe Ed White, Ernesto Llamas, Jim Burchfield - Artists Jay "Grumpy Sam" Karunaratne, Bruno Dias, Chris Dailey - Writers Marc Jason Ali - Web Developer Project name Sector 13 Project description Sector 13 is a 3rd-person multiplayer space combat game that focuses on the action-arcade experience found primarily in first-person shooters. More information is available on our website. Project start date Initial concept was drawn up in October of 2000, and the concept art was put together over the next 10-12 months. Development on the original game engine didn't start until September of 2001. This engine was scrapped in late 2004 while we migrated to the Ogre engine. After that, our team grew from 2 people (Drew and I) to nearly 20. Percentage of completion Approx. 85% of "beta". We will be code-complete by November, and art-complete by January, 2007. Pictures of project High-Res Starfighter Gallery Gameplay Videos Part time or full time work All members are contributing to the project on a part-time basis, though some of our guys put in upwards of 30 hours a week or more. If our team is one thing, it's dedicated! For fun or for profit For fun and profit! The game will go retail in first quarter 2007, with a possible Xbox LIVE Arcade port sometime later in 2007. Budget size Currently, $0 Help wanted Would be nice to have another great texture artist with a passion for spacescapes, but we're not actively recruiting at this time. Contact information Our Forums or PM me! Email is in sig. [smile]
  8. Working with People Over Internet

    Our team uses several tools to collaborate on the project. For source control, just as everyone else said, Subversion (and the Tortoise SVN client for Windows) works great for us. For team meetings (our team is approx. 15-20 people all over the world) we use both MSN and TeamSpeak. For project management, the core programming and art teams use a tool called Groove, which has several features including file sharing, discussion boards, shared notepads, photo albums (great for screenshots), real-time whiteboards, IM and voice chat, task managers, bug tracking, and many other great project management tools. The only down side is that it's quite expensive to get licenses for everyone. Still though, for a large-ish team, it's an indispensable tool.
  9. Sony Ericsson backlight problem

    If you look real close in the right light angle, you should barely be able to see the menu. [EDIT] Damn, beaten to it.
  10. What is wrong with my wrist?

    Quote:Original post by ManaStone His recommendation for me was just to exercise my wrist Quote:Original post by Eelco stop masturbating so violently. Or, perhaps you should start.
  11. Letter size...

    Every ASCII character is one byte in size. This does not necessarily relate to the file size, though. There are other things stored with the file, such as its filename.
  12. Extreme pain

    It took me more than 30 minutes to get through reading this thread. I think I passed out no less than 9 times. [dead]
  13. Losing can be fun?

    I always had great fun terminating the luckless scientists in Half Life 1. A good .357 blast to the brainpan or placing a satchel charge between their feet and blowing them to gibby kibble was always morbidly satisfying. I even went so far to build horrific scenerios for them with the Worldcraft editor. Placing a bunch of them on a big glass floor above a pit full of snarks and bullsquids, then shooting it with a pistol to break the glass.....oh the humanity. I'm such a sick bastard. [dead]
  14. Decided to post

    Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz Quiet! I'm trying to find out what will happen if one of these groups is given only constant praise and affection during their miserable failure journey. Hahaha, that made me laugh pretty hard. [grin] But seriously, welcome to GDNet, KuneTear. I hope you enjoy your stay, and much luck to you on your projects present and future. [smile]