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  1. HELP: java game in command line

    I actually started the project, creating a class for building floors, but I'm really confuse, thinking that I'm doing it wrong. I'm not really good in java, I'm just a beginner in this language so I'm hoping for help. Thanks in advance!
  2. HELP: java game in command line

    can you give a sample code for building the floors, sorry im just a beginner in java. i need a Floor class, that has an array [] of floor types. Floors can be Residential, Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, or Creative. and what kind of business it will be.
  3. HELP: java game in command line

    Thanks [url="../../user/188408-falconmick/"]falconmick[/url]. Actually I've already learned C. I'm a little bit confuse in making the said game, on how I code to built floors with different types. BTW thanks for the post it really helps.
  4. HELP: java game in command line

    i want to make a commad line type of game like tiny towers in java. just in command line. the gameplay is, a player can add floor and choos whatever type they like, once they choose the type, the player may choose what kind of business it will be. minimum of 6 choices per floorr type. And at the end of the day tenant will pay 100 coins to the player for rent,should be 3 tenants per floor. Game Play Players should have access at all times on the status of the tower, floors and the bitizens. A player can add a floor, add bitizens and restock. The game should notify the player if an item is up for restocking so that the player can restock a specific item. A player can choose to end the current day to move to the next one. please help! thanks in advance!