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  1. Start with SFML or SDL?

    Thank u guys, very helpfull. I started with C before C++ and im still practicing object oriented programming with c++ but ill go with SFML then.
  2. Hey I have been programing c++. I would like to start programming games and I heard that SFML and SDL would be good to start and to do great games, but witch one should I use. I also would like to ask for good tutorials for SDL and SFML. Thanks.
  3. Hey I have been programming in C and C++ languages but I can't say that I am experienced, I still have many things to learn. My main goal is to become a Game programmer but I would also like to know how to program Game Engines. I know the basics about programming but I really want to know many more beyond that. I am from Portugal and I would like to know if you can give me some help. r