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  1. Hello, you can see easy 3D game tool. Read small documentation. See short video. Tool is free.
  2. pyirrlicht

    Free 2-D game engine for Python: SGE

    wrote in a personal, please check your incoming   PS as alternative may be Allegro backend?
  3. pyirrlicht

    Free 2-D game engine for Python: SGE

    ok, i will wait Pyglet backend, please send me message, when it is done.
  4. pyirrlicht

    Free 2-D game engine for Python: SGE

    "Alternative implementations using Pyglet and/or PySDL2 as a backend will be developed in the future" I think it will be interesting. Also well would have a simple level editor.
  5. pyirrlicht

    Ogre 3D as the rendering engine for a demo?

    better choice is Irrlicht, Ogre have many problems on different machines - as result your portfolio will not accessible
  6. pyirrlicht

    How to create games using Python

    you can learn draw cells example, mainly "live_grid_2d" class - perhaps it helps to understand how to divide the screen into areas for further work with them
  7. pyirrlicht

    How to create games using Python

    class Coord:  def __init__(self, x = 0, y = 0, have_enemy = False):   self.x = x; self.y = y; self.have_enemy = have_enemy # global array Coords, you must set this as all your game cells and change later in game loop Coords = (Coord(0, 0, False), Coord(0,1,False), Coord(1,1, True)) def shoot(coord):  pass # change to your code def collision_with_enemy():  for coord_item in Coords:   if coord_item.have_enemy:    shoot(coord_item)
  8. pyirrlicht


    Python is good choice. If you want learn 3D - see pyIrrlicht examples and I can help with this.
  9. pyirrlicht

    Which game engine to make Zelda-Style 2D game?

    Allegro support these platforms. Also see Emscripten for translate C/C++ code to JavaScript.
  10. pyirrlicht

    Exercise 23 Zed Shaw

    Anyway, sometimes we have to read the source code used in projects. If you learn how to do it, you will not necessarily have the documentation of these projects. Once helped me a lot reading source code wxPython - mostly very structured and useful code, also may be useful Django source. If you have small time, see examples for pyIrrlicht - it is short source code.
  11. pyirrlicht

    Good OOP book

    Class and Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  12. pyirrlicht

    A Bit of Beginner Advice

    You're right, there is communication and assistance are important, but if I pay attention to how others treat me, I would not been able to create something working. I think in the first place should still be a tool that is suitable for a particular developer - the 99% completion depends on of the author, even if there is support from the community.
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