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  1. NeHe tutorials license

    Greetings, I was also wondering if there is any license for the use of NeHe tutorials in any program. Since the author mentioned that his name and website should be referenced in the code or the documentation of a project using NeHe's code, I thought I would write a template that everyone could use. I am a future software engineer and I always have been highly concerned with copyright and reference. As you might have noticed, English is not my first language and since I am not a lawyer, I'm unsure of the correctness of the following note. Feel free to improve it or give me suggestion about it. [code] ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Important Note // ============== // This file or program code base provenance has been taken from the tutorials of // NeHe productions. The website can be reach at // While there is currently, April 2012, no defined license for NeHe productions's // code, the owner has explicitly specified that his name and website reference // shall be mentioned in any program that is using in any way his samples. // This template intent is to provide a basic mention of the author's claims. // Jeff Molofee is the author of NeHe productions code. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [/code] I would like to include this in my program (top of the file). Could you tell me if this would be a valid reference? Hope to help! Regards