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  1. Hi, I am trying to export a series of animated gears from Maya into Collada's DAE format. I have two main gears. One has 12 prongs, while the other has 16. (the numbers I'm using are just for example) They each complete a full rotation at different intervals due to the number of prongs. The gear with 12 prongs finishes at 60 frames, while the gear with 16 prongs finishes at 100 frames. I set the animations to cycle into infinity in Maya, but when I view the DAE, the animation runs until the gear with 16 prongs hit's the end of it's animation and then the entire animations loops. This is not unexpected, but the issue is that while the large gear finishes up, the small gear has already finished and remains static until the enitre animations loops. I need each gear to repeat it's animation seperately, but Maya DAE does not seem to carry Maya's looping over. How can I go about this? Thanks, - Mike