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  1. mattkw80

    My decade long search for a game engine

    I chickened out. SDL and SFML are a bit too hard core for the tinkering I want to do at this time. Though not OOP in nature- I'm going back to Lua Love2D, now that I'm getting my head around scoping. I've already done everything I can do in PyGame - much easier - and the performance is far superior.
  2. mattkw80

    My decade long search for a game engine

    Just watched this - and it's great thank you. This IS the exact type of problems I am having. You are correct Joe - Ive never in the past had to consider such things. The closest I've ever had to come would be to make sure servers or databases aren't 'hit' too many times too often, but other wise yeah, a form just sits there and waits for users to click it - no real performance issues like a game has. I am going to head down the SFML road, see where I get with it. If I can't make something I like in C++ ... it will only be my fault, won't be able to say the tools hit a wall at that point, lol.
  3. mattkw80

    My decade long search for a game engine

    Thank you - maybe this will turn the light on for me, finally. I'm missing a concept somewhere. JoeJ - I think that might be just what I need. I wouldn't say I want to make an entire engine.... that's way beyond my ability and amount of time I can spend. But SFML could be the library I've been looking for - and that's where I'm headed next. I'll dust off some C++ books and try some SFML.
  4. mattkw80

    My decade long search for a game engine

    No all good. I have jumped around alot. But I think I've been playing with Toy languages. Pygame and Python Arcade for example - won't have any AAA games out anytime soon - not that that is my goal... but they don't even come close. I have been reading / watching video on NOT using OOP as well... I've got this far without it - but it seemed to be something you need to do - to write games. I will look into Data Oriented Design, see if I can figure out how to tie a game together that way. I'm fine with instances, classes, encapsulation, inheritance, etc. - done many books on it - but I get stumped when trying to make the whole thing come together. Seems like the long way around to get the scopes to 'see' each other when needed in game. I'll look into Data Oriented Design and maybe skip the OOP. Thanks
  5. Hey everybody, Was looking for some advice... I've found myself trying to find a game engine I like, and 10 years later, still have not found it. My goals in this: 1. To build a Terraria style 2d crafting game - only because I want to. (Not looking to go commercial). 2. To finally learn OOP properly. 3. To do all of this within notepad or a light weight IDE. I've been programming for 20 some years, (business apps) - have a ton of working business/forms software out in the world - but I've always avoided OOP - and have never been able to wrap my head around it - specifically - the part I don't get / don't like - is I seem to have to create every single instance of an object there will ever be - in a main loop - and then bend over backwards getting all the other instances to interact with all the other instances. But I'd like to finally 'get this'. Pygame helped me come close. If anyone has a book or resource they can recommend - that gave them an 'Ah-ha!' moment, please suggest it and I will read it. I can program in C, C# (though my OOP skills suck), Python, VB, and LUA. Here's a small sample of the engines I have tried: Pygame: I've had the most success with this - but eventually hit a performance wall. I like that you can use notepad or something light weight, and get alot done in a short time - but as far as I know - 'Super Potatoe Bruh' seems to be as high as you can fly with this engine. Python Arcade: Also had alot of luck with this - but then my Linux version broke - and with it being a one man show, it doesn't seem to be the direction to head long term. Unity: I don't like that it's controlled by a company via login - looking for something I know will be around for a long time for certain, where I can't be locked out someday. GoDot: Seriously considering this - but worried I will be missing out on concepts that they hide from the user... pretty sure this is not an engine for someone wanting to finally learn OOP done properly. Don't super like that it's in an IDE, would prefer to be working in flat files. Lua Love: Also had alot of good times here - but eventually hit a wall. I don't particularily like the language and would prefer to be working in something closer to what I see at work... ie: C#, Python, etc. Monogame / C#: Got pretty far here too. Then hit a wall trying to create a button, lol. Yes a button. Seemed to me at the time - hard things we're easy and really easy things we're undocumented, and hard. Though terraria was made in this as far as I know - so I know then engine's more than I really need. Python Panda3d: Was able to get pretty far in this too - but the limited content pipeline made it tough, and I'm more interested in 2D. Python Pyglet: Found the support to be lacking, harder to find examples and community help at the time. Anyway - TLDR: Can anyone suggest an engine something else I may not have tried? I am willing to learn C++ or Java if need be.
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