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  1. I really enjoyed that :) I think the only thing would be to add more reverb especially to the strings.
  2. My first game music

    Nice :) I don't agree with the need for realistic samples which YoungProdigy said. However I agree that you need to work on panning and you take into account the range of instruments when playing together. I feel like maybe a slight touch/more reverb could help meld the sounds together. I thought it was a bit distracting how the synth phases with the panning when everything else is close to the centre. Other than that it was a noice track!
  3. I was watching this video on youtube and thought it was really interesting. It's awesome how far computer music programs have come in the last 30 years or so. This video seems to have been made around about when MIDI standardization first came out.  Well here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8lSMytqdEY
  4. WIP Need Some Feedback

    Hi everyone   I haven't posted here in awhile so its nice to be getting involved once again! I'd love some feedback for a current WIP of mine which I've been working on the last day or so Well here goes:   https://soundcloud.com/caleb-faith/wip-omega-trade-co-main-theme
  5. WIP Need Some Feedback

      Awesome thanks :) I'll take a look at the attack thing. I was using a legato patch so it will be easy to change (only some velocity tweaking). Thankyou for the feedback
  6. Creating music and sound-effects for Cavian

    Another DAW you could use is Reaper pretty sure you can use the free (mod edit: $60) version It comes with a lot of basic filters etc but no VST's. I find it easier to use than audacity for editing sounds (except if you have to cut the soundfile or something like that). My advice would be try a few different DAWs and use the one which you feel most comfortable with
  7. Looping a sound with reverb causes a "pop" at loop

    You guys are on the right track :) you just split the audio where you want it to end and put it at the start. Therefore it's like the reverb carries on... This is how I do it :)
  8. Tempo Calculator

    Hey everyone,   I was recently doing some scoring to a short film and I didn't want to do repetitive calculations about how fast the tempo has to be to fit this many bars in it etc... So I made (programmed) a simple windows application to calculate the tempo for you. All you do is enter the time, bars and beats per bar and it will do the rest for you. It can even calculate the time from the tempo and bars. Anyway this probably wont help most of you but if it does I'd like to know I found it helpful if I wanted to fit so many bars in however time! It will even take decimals.   The link: http://crfaithmusic.com/tempo-calculator/   Enjoy, -Caleb
  9. Fire from Afar

    To be honest I have no idea... the only way I think you could would be to add reverb to everything else but thats not always what you want haha just play around with it in audacity if you have the sample file? (as in the sound file).  
  10. Any sound effects/music generators?

    I'd be out of a job ;) although I cant imagine them creating too good of music...
  11. Fire from Afar

    He mychii, I liked your track but not overly much (not being harsh just honest). One thing which I would like to point out was the difference in reverb between the drums and all of the rest of the instruments. The drums sounded like they had a lot of reverb (or the samples are just like that) . It made the track sound a bit like it didn't meld or combine properly together I think if you could fix that up it would sound better :) -Caleb
  12. A New Beginning

    Hey everyone, I just got some new speakers and an amplifier set up in my music room and I thought I would test them out so I wrote this track! I actually have a L and a R speaker in front of me + sub and then two behind me and I think it sounds amazing It's like you can't tell where the music is coming from and its kind of like being surrounded in music (as stupid/corny as it sounds I love it) but there are still the definitive L and R.  Anyway getting to the point - I'd love some feedback on this track https://soundcloud.com/caleb-faith/a-new-beginning   EDIT: Here's a youtube link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMPMwU8ClDk   Thanks, Caleb
  13. Hi, I'm working on a tutorial series and here's my first video!    I'm actually waiting on a gd.net article to be approved but i thought why not post it here too   Enjoy!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7QVLxaccTI
  14. When real life instrumentalists are playing their instrument they naturally make their own subtle accents. This video is demonstrating how you can replicate this to make music which further involves your audience. Furthermore this video will demonstrate the basics of MIDI editing for shorter notes and how to start the creation of a piece of music in a DAW. Basically it will enhance the way you use a sample library. Software Used: DAW: Cockos Reaper Sample Library: EWQL Hollywood Strings The image above is the music contained in the video and it has been colour coded according to strength of accent on the 4 beats of each bar. The first beat is almost always accented slightly unless the real life player has been told otherwise. We also see this in the 3rd beat of each bar (in 4/4) and this then happens on the 2nd and 4th beat when there are quavers (8ths). Red = Strongest Accent Yellow = Medium Accent Green = Weakest Accent Why Does This Happen? This happens because of the way players count. In 4/4 time players count 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and. Whereas in 6/8 time players count 1 2 3 4 5 6 with the accents placed accordingly. It is essential that you understand the counting and the slight stresses players put on the notes to successfully mimic the way real life musicians play. Bear in mind that these accents are actually not very strong relative to an actual accent on printed music. The patches used in this tutorial are 'Round Robin Patches' which means that there are multiple samples per note per velocity group. Therefore this example may sound better than non-round robin patches however this technique can still be used with those patches. The Video Conclusion This video is part of a series which is currently in the process of being made so keep your eye out for the next article! Thank you for watching the video/reading the article! Article Update Log 17 Nov 2013: Initial release
  15. Light Introduction to Genetic Programming

    Great article :) quite interesting!
  16. Critique This Piece

    Hi,   I have just finished work on this piece and I'd love it if you could give me some feedback. Absolutely anything you notice or your opinion would be great :)   https://soundcloud.com/caleb-faith/twilight-dawn   Thanks for your time, Caleb
  17. Critique This Piece

    Kerfuffle thats what I was aiming for :) it's actually composed in Dorian mode on A. I agree that it is a bit repetitive but I was aiming for some background music which isn't changing every second so it was what I planned for. Thanks for your input! Bluefarmer thanks for the feedback :)   10aheadgames^RH thankyou! I actually never thought of that association before :/ why do bad movies ruin good names? ;) i may change it... Thankyou everyone :)
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