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  1. forgot to mention i program in delphi and not much info out there.
  2. thanks a gain, i allready do a collision test with world to get height, wikk have to read and adapt, i have been doing a lot of reading, hardest part is getting my head around it , now i realize i have to do another sort of collision test, many thanks just needed a point in the right direction.
  3. Thank you for the quick response, have you any suggestions of books to read up on Ray test
  4. Really need some help, have started opengl, I Have created object loader, Gameloop, collision routine.s etc, But I am stumped on how to keep the main charactor object in view, for instance when it goes behind a wall or a part of the terrain that is closer.
  5. Really need some help, I Have Created Basic Framework, object loader, Collisions, Camera, but I Have no idea what to check when charactor goes behind an object or the terrain.
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