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  1. RPG, Engines and Frustration

    Hey drpaneas,   Why not try Unity 5 or Unreal engine?   From the sound of it you are writing you own engine and trying to make a Zelda like game. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when the wheel is already invented so to speak.   That said - I would learn C# first In my Humble opinion. That would give you a good basis to learn C++.   Give Unity3D or Unreal engine a shot they are both full featured and free btw.   Anyway my 2 cents.   - HeadClot
  2. OpenGL OpenGL 5 - Release?

    So here goes a question - What is the big deal with OpenGL Next? From what I read so far nothing yet.   I am not a Graphics or Engine programmer - However I am an 3D Artist that deals with applications like Unreal 4, Cryengine, etc on a daily basis.   Sorry for the newbie questions. :\
  3. How to Make Gameplay Trailers Like the Triple A

    Very interesting and Very insightful.   Thanks 
  4. Creating a Grand Theft Auto type of Game in Delphi.

    My advice which I have learned the hard way -    1. Start small and use an established engine for your first game or so. If you are talking about the original GTA (Sprites and what not) then you might be able to do it in Game-maker:Studio. 2. If you are talking about GTA 4 or 5. You would be best off starting smaller at least using C++ or C# as well as Using an established engine like Unreal Engine 4.   If you insist on making a GTA 4 or 5 clone - Go with Cry engine or Unreal. Evaluate them quite heavily. This would include workflows such as programming, Art, Music, etc. My advice would be use UE4 however be prepared to make smaller games before making your big one.   That would be my advice. :)
  5. OK, A little Background about myself - I am a 3D Artist with a very strong passion for games and CG. I am looking at learning Java later today as I am stuck on a project without a programmer that will not stay in one place. What should I expect when learning Java?