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    Career Advice after a bad job....

    Well, now that I read back my own post, I suppose I am experiencing hostility myself, but I think I am justified, of course, there are always two sides to every story.....   I suppose I am just letting my frustration out, I suppose the advice I have had so far has a good foundation, let it go, better myself and continue life.....easier said than done though at this point. I thank you gamedev community for responding so far. Perhaps I am being harder on myself than I should be, but who is better to do that.....
  2. shawnre

    Career Advice after a bad job....

    Thanks for the responses so far, and Tom, I agree that I made a mistake, but I did so for a right reason....yet I was let go for that....I suppose that is what I am hung up on, how do I explain that.....   I suppose (not convinced myself, maybe part of the problem), with what prinz said, reading the chat log was a bad idea....of course, we feel a need to defend at this point....   I did so for a reason. What reason you may ask...well, easy, my new supervisor put forth policies that they mocked themselves, thought it was funny that they could say whatever with no repercussions.....they were (not they really, just one person, just not trying to implicate anyone), were "sequestered" for two weeks to write new policies......they copied and pasted a policy from a 3rd-party, to which I pointed that out, maybe another wrong doing on my part????   My point at that point, you copied and pasted something you were paid to do for two weeks.....yet a simple compare in word showed what he did, anywhere <<insert name here>> was, they inserted our company name.....I called that out at one point....I called plagiarism, but I did so in our department, not bank wide....he cried foul....it was down hill from there...I don't think I did wrong calling that out, but as things continued to mount, somehow it was my fault......granted, I do admit to reading his chat logs, but, hopefully as you can see, it was for good reason....or am I just fooling myself....IDK.....it seems to me crazy how a title and position in a company somehow exempts you, yet I (as a dedicated employee) suffer
  3. shawnre

    Career Advice after a bad job....

    Thank you for your response Promit.   First, I agree dust myself off...and easy to say don't worry, but I do. Have I screwed myself in my chosen profession by being fired in this way?? I agree that I just need a job at this point, but I feel that I am....not sure how to say this, maybe that I am disappointing myself knowing that I went to college for this profession, but maybe screwed myself as a result of what has happened at my former employer (btw I have previous IT experience from the US Army....Ft. George G. Meade....unfortunately with todays headlines translates to NSA/Snowden)....but, you are correct, admit that, get a job.   Relevant skills.....that's pretty hard now. I keep abreast of technologies, as I admitted in my post I have done some programming (which maybe I did not make clear, I love doing it, love creating something from nothing that a user can use to complete their job), but the whole "insubordination" thing is killing me. How do I say to a future employer that I really did not do anything wrong.....I suppose you could say I did, I should not have read his logs...why did I you might ask....Easy, I wanted to know what was going on....communication in our department was the biggest issue. I had access, so I did. Amazing how he laughed about all the policies he annotated to employees but apparently he was exempt to...I guess that is the benefit of being a supervisor, but hypocrisy in my opinion is wrong....   I do thank you for responding though, I just question if getting just any job screws me in the long run, I am contemplating that at this point, money is running dry.....
  4. Hello all,   First I guess I should preface that this may be a long post....I am not sure...   On March 20, 2013 I lost my job. I was fired, the reason, "insubordination" according to my employer.   I had worked at the company for almost four years. When I first started, there was one IT person responsible for day to day operations. A new "CIO/ITO/Network Admin/ISO...." slash whatever title you could insert for someone heading up an IT office was also hired a couple of weeks before me. The reason why is that the current IT person was retiring after 40+ years.   I was fresh out of college with an AAS in IT with programming as my major concentration. I took the first job I could find that would at least get my foot in the door. My first few days, I was straight up bored. The employer gave me an office next door to the newly hired boss, but I sat there by myself with pretty much no interaction by anyone. I then proceeded to pull up a chair with who would eventually become my "boss/supervisor" once the current retired. I spent about a week doing this, just watching him answer the phone and working on IT issues.   I then decided it was time to go see the outgoing IT supervisor and see if I could finally figure out what it was I was supposed to be doing for said company. He explained a lot of things to me in the two weeks before he finally retired. One thing he did warn me of though was my new boss. Apparently (which I did not know at the time), my new boss had worked for the company before. He had connections and history with a few of the senior management people.   Over the few years I was with this company, I learned how little my new boss knew. Questions of "How do I tell if someone is locked out?" (in an AD environment were asked of me. "How do I show hidden files?" once we upgraded to Windows 7 after two years....   Over those few years, I submitted many new ideas about how to improve our job within the IT department. As an example, my boss thought the only way we could update Adobe Reader and Java when new releases were released was to visit each machine and manually update......REALLY?????? Buying new machines meant we installed everything manually instead of using imaging technology (something I demonstrated in a feasibility study to save the company money, but my boss didn't understand it, so it was never implemented).   Eventually a third person was hired, and yes, the company had grown by about 50 employees, but my "opinion" was we didn't need another employee. Why, you may ask? Easy, if my boss would pull his weight, we didn't need an additional employee. Needless to say, at this point, I had figured out my boss, he was lazy. By this point I had already been to his boss on a number of occasions (which unfortunately was the CEO....).   In the meantime....ok, so story takes a twist here, bear with me. A new person was hired. Yes, it was a female. Yes, I almost instantly was attracted to her. Long story short, she was in an abusive relationship, I supported her throughout her whole ordeal. She eventually went back to her abusive relation. At one point I had shown her, and this is why I was fired, that I read my boss's chat log. Well, after the fact she wanted to go back to her abusive relation, we were both fired on the same day. I had read by boss's chat log over a year and a half ago at this point. I know where it came from, and I understand that it was hard for her to be around me at the same place of employment, it was for me too. Not the point.   Point is, that is how I came to be fired. Now, I am still unemployed, and deciding, or attempting to, whether or not I have a future or not in IT....of course, over the few years I was there, I wrote quite a few programs, and decided that programming is what I like more than doing mundane IT work.....   There is of course more to that story, just figured it was getting too long already.....what would you do dear reader of the forum, I could seriously use some advice. If you question my morals or ethics, that is fine, but I guarantee you that just about everyone at my former employer would say I am quite ethical and morally sound. Yes, I did read my boss's chats, for a reason.   Any help/advice?   Thanks!
  5. Hello all, General question for any admins out there, how do you handle Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, etc. updates? We have recently changed our internal user privilege levels from being in the admin groups down to just user levels. Granted, it was a change that should have been made long ago (not a thread to discuss that issue), but it has now raised the issue of how to administer updates for other than MS Windows (obviously handled by WSUS). Just curious what others utilize. I have made a couple of scripts myself that seem to work (in a testing environment). While I say they work, it requires some work to set up and also make exceptions to (ie people working late). Do you use Group Policy to perform updates? Utilize scripts? Curious and looking for a better way than visiting each individual machine in order to perform updates. Domain environment is predominantly XP users (209 machines with only about 10 running Windows 7 right now), Server 2008 R2 (virtual via VMWare). Any ideas/suggestions (especially if you can provide links to efficient ways to accomplish) would be appreciated. Thanks, Shawn
  6. shawnre

    President Obama in Marquette

    comments I referred to: http://www.freep.com...ess-example-all
  7. shawnre

    President Obama in Marquette

    Just wondering if anyone else here had seen this video? I watched it, I thought it was great. Then again, I think the president has a good speech writer, and tends to say the right things at the right times. I read alot of the comments that were related to this video, and all of them seem negative. I guess I am asking, am I so naive as to think that what he is asking/searching for is not for a greater good here in the US? Complimentary link: http://www.freep.com...id=785211430001 Yes, he does start with a brief comment about the events in Egypt also.
  8. Hello all, Basically what my question asked. I have a "Media Player" that displays static images, and also plays videos. I am currently using a Windows form to do this. At the onset, I have a static string array that reads a directory. What I would like to do, is at certain preset times, which in my case is 9 am and 1pm (dependent on local system times, I have systems in two different time zones, EST and CST), trigger an event to update my string array of filenames to reflect any changes in the directory. I have no idea at this point in my programming career on how to do this. I imagine it will utilize Events and Delegates, but not sure how to implement them (if indeed they are needed). I currently am utilizing a PictureBox and a WMP object to switch between each dependent upon file extension. I am also using a timer to switch between each by reading what the next file in the string array is. I thought of just using the local system time to do this, but, what if a video is playing at the time. How do I account for that? Meaning, let's say a video started at 8:59 am, but was 5 minutes in length. I can't just check for 9:00am on the system clock, since that would have passed. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help! Shawn
  9. shawnre

    If WW3 occurs within the next 6 months, thank WikiLeaks

    i just love you all, country, race, beliefs, religion, blah...maybe gamedev should run for president of the world!!
  10. shawnre

    Happy Independence Day!!!

    So late in the day, yet I see no happy threads about celebrating our independence.....maybe I missed them, but, Happy 4th to all of those in the States.....sorry for everyone else, I guess it is just our own holiday ;-)
  11. Epic_Fail?!?!?! :-) J/K Would be funny if the Microsoft programmers did some silly things like that....then again maybe they do some things like that in comments within their code, who knows!
  12. Quote:Original post by Zahlman Did you try inputting it without a space to see what will happen? No, I didn't. I made an assumption that it would fail. I did however, based on your feedback, try it. It worked, and that confuses me. Not sure what question to ask about that. Based on a few extra things I read, I assumed the '<<' extraction operator was [space] based. So, I assumed, I needed that space to assign to the different data types [namely double and string].....I am unclear now where I am confused, any help? Quote:If you define ConvertToCM() before main(), it won't need a prototype. This kind of thing simplifies maintainance work. Well, even though I know about it, we have not covered, in this book, using headers to separate things. Since you mentioned it though, is there a standard between using headers vs....I don't know how to say it, I guess defining locally? Quote:Also, you can factor out the common 'cout << entry << unit' work. Are you saying another function to handle the input? Sorry, guess I sound ignorant, but I am trying to clarify what you mean. One other note. The very next drill exercise was to check for an "illegal" representation of units (for example if someone used yards, kilometer, gallons...etc.) Based on my conversion function, I am a little unclear what I should do to accomplish that Quote:Well... how does ConvertToCM() behave in that case? Where does control flow to? You need to signal the error in that case instead. One way to do this is by throwing an exception and having the main loop catch and handle it. Even though I know what you mean with throwing an exception, in the book we have not really covered that. I am trying to stick with the book limitations, even though at times I feel I "know" what to do. I am not confident enough with C++ to fully qualify that statement at this point I suppose. I think I can just use my last "else" case to nulify any conversions. I do not feel that is an eloquent solution at this point. Guess I am looking for some more ideas, even though Zahlman has me thinking at this point, and I thank him for that!
  13. This is what I ended up with, and just wonder what opinions I can get from it. Some assumptions I made were the measurement and units were separated by a space (basically because we have not covered any kind of parsing of input yet). I separated the conversion of measurements based on units and converted to centimeters. One thing I did try was a switch:case type approach. I was notified by my compiler that I could not switch on a string, so changed to if-else comparisons. Just looking for any feedback to help this beginner at C++. //Drill #7 #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; double ConvertToCM(double, string); //Function prototype to convert all measurements to centimeters int main() { double smallest = 0, largest = 0; double entry; string unit; cout << "Please enter a measurement and unit [eg. 12 in]: "; cin>>entry>>unit; smallest = largest = ConvertToCM(entry, unit); cout << "Please enter another measurement and unit: "; while(cin>>entry>>unit) { double temp = ConvertToCM(entry, unit); if (temp < smallest) { smallest = temp; cout << entry << " " << unit << " smallest so far.\n"; } else if (temp > largest) { largest = temp; cout << entry << " " << unit << " largest so far.\n"; } else cout << entry << " " << unit << " is neither the smallest nor the largest so far.\n"; cout << "Please enter another number: "; } return 0; } double ConvertToCM(double measurement, const string unit) { double temp; if (unit == "cm") return measurement; else if (unit == "in") { temp = measurement * 2.54; //2.54cm = 1 in. return temp; } else if (unit == "m") { temp = measurement / 100; //100cm = 1m return temp; } else if (unit == "ft") { temp = (measurement * 12) * 2.54; return temp; } else return 0.0; } One other note. The very next drill exercise was to check for an "illegal" representation of units (for example if someone used yards, kilometer, gallons...etc.) Based on my conversion function, I am a little unclear what I should do to accomplish that, any suggestions appreciated. Thanks all! Shawn
  14. Hello all again, Still working through chapter drills with this book, hope I am not annoying people asking for suggestions here. This one does have me a bit confused though. Basically we start with this program: //Drill #7 #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { double smallest = 0, largest = 0; double entry; cout << "Please enter a number: "; cin>>entry; smallest=largest=entry; cout << "Please enter another number: "; while(cin>>entry) { if (entry < smallest) { smallest = entry; cout << entry << " smallest so far.\n"; } else if (entry > largest) { largest = entry; cout << entry << " largest so far.\n"; } else cout << entry << " is neither the smallest nor the largest so far.\n"; cout << "Please enter another number: "; } return 0; } The above is what I wrote in preceding exercises, basically tracking if the number entered is the largest or smallest or neither. The next exercise builds off of this as follows: "Add a unit to each double entered; that is, enter values such as 10cm, 2.5in, 5ft, 3.33m. Accept the four units: cm, m, in, ft. Assume conversion factors 1m== 100cm, 1in == 2.54cm, 1ft == 12in. Read the unit indicator into a string." Questions: 1. How do I take the input for this? If a user enters "12cm" vs. "12 cm" it is different right? I need to grab the first value into a double, while the unit will be a string. How do you separate that with cin? Assume white space is my guess, just wondering any other choices I may have. 2. As far as tracking the largest vs. smallest...not sure on that. Should I write functions that convert any input into one unit and compare? What would you do? Thanks for any more help. Sorry if I am being annoying, just trying to learn!
  15. @fastcall: Thanks for that link. Finally took the time to go read it and found some nice info there. Thanks for that correction on my misunderstanding of string vs. stream extraction being white space delimited. I ended up just going back and doing this, and leaving it at that: //Drill #1 #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int first, second; cout << "Please enter two numbers: "; while(cin>>first>>second) { cout << "You entered " << first << ", " << second << endl; cout << "Please enter two numbers: "; } return 0; } Not quite exactly what was wanted, since any non integer input will terminate the loop, but good enough for what we have seen so far.
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