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  1. I believe that Zelda is centered on roaming while Kingdom Hearts has leveling features. Zelda has tons of side quests and a large world whereas Kingdom Hearts is packed together and focuses on character leveling instead.
  2. The best selling PC games: http://en.wikipedia...._PC_video_games If we're ranking using "best selling" as the criteria, then no, the first two is not "shooter" and "first person". [/quote]That's really interesting. I'm glad that shooters haven't taken the twenty top spots. I was beginning to think that every new game would be a shooter because of its popularity. For Xbox and PS3 however, there are a lot more shooters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games
  3. Well you can at least guarantee that the first two is shooter, and first person unless if Apps on the iPhones count. As for the rest, it seems tougher to decide. I like this idea for research though, but how are you going to classify most successful? Will you go by most profits, most bought, or most games from them?
  4. To me, it looks like sonic in the city. It looks cool, and bullet time in this game would just be regular speed for flash which would be very interesting.
  5. Aeroga

    Most over-rated game of all time

    It seems like the hardest part in this industry is to get that lucky break. Like angry birds, if it was never popular, where would it be? Then after you hit it big, you can sell anything, be it a repackaging like MW3, COD Black Ops, etc and it will be a worldwide phenomenon. I really wish people would stop believing in commercials. I'm guilty myself though.
  6. My idea is that in most RPG's the last boss has an attack that hits everyone like an AoE attack. It could be their signature move or not, but it usually does MASSIVE damage to even our chosen heroes. An army has numbers but they would have to invade a stronghold to even get near the boss. The thing is, your character as a level one is as strong as a mook, and the boss has an AoE attack. No matter what numbers you have, the boss can wipe you all out with that one attack that he can do. Also, he usually has a magical seal or something that only our heroes can break.
  7. I was thinking that Mages would simply be overpowered. Sure, everyone loves aa flashy move, except for those warriors, but you have now neglected any balance whatsoever. Possibly by giving more importance to warriors could you hope to balance it or maybe a thief can run around the blast but as said before, balance is the exact idea of a meta game.
  8. I like an AI that's actually intelligent. Possibly have a piece of programming that makes them act upon what the player does most to counter it, like you dodge to the right always and so the enemy will hit to the right after they hit, predictiong you will be there. So an Ai that makes decisions based on previous experience might not be easy but's it would make the game flow really well.
  9. 1. You should ask yourself who exactly are you aiming for with your game. Ex. hard core gamer, families, children, etc. 2. Then, find your competitors who are also aiming for the same crowd. Check to see if the genre is the same, the style of the game, and fanbase. 3. Find out what advantages you have against your competitor in impressing the crowd. A. Ask what your crowd wants and doesn't want B. Find out what you have that will impress others or what won't impress C. Find out what your competitor that will impress others or won't impress D. Find out which of these overlaps with what your crowd wants and doesn't want 4. Time to act upon your research. Try to boost what you think will impress your people, and minimize what they don't want. Reach for perfection and have your friends play it to get an honest opinion. Then try to advertize with the internet on sites like youtube or etc.
  10. Aeroga

    Luck as a Gameplay Factor

    With my experience playing pokemon(yes, it's not as bad as it sounds) as a child, and later Final Fantasy, I can say luck is generally hated by the community in PvP situations and also for random encounters. For me, I say that it's more acceptable if the randomizing damage makes littles difference and is just to make it less predictable, but having luck be a large factor is a sure fire way to make a large crowd mad. Just my two cents though.
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