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  1. VB.Net NPC Problem

    If no one can help me with this, is there at least some good site with help on creating npcs. I tried google but didn't come up with anything except one which is horribly written. The language doesn't matter as I can just get the logic from it. Thanks.
  2. VB.Net NPC Problem

    New to writing games and i really want to do this one. I'm creating a shop owner game. The NPCs are the shoppers. I'm having logic issues. I'm tryig to have each shopper be a particular type with each type buying only certain items. I want them to have a to be random in type and list. I only want logic help to point me in the right direction. please don't post code but controls or classes i might need would be great. Below are examples. Thanks Customer type: old woman buys: veggies, medicine, books list 1: apples, carrots, stomach medicine list 2: stomach medicine, potatoes curent logic pick customer type pick list goto item location get item pay for item leave store
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