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  1. Naval Simulation Prototype

    some weapons stuff you guys:       happy halloween
  2. Naval Simulation Prototype

    another update:
  3. Naval Simulation Prototype

    well you touch on a lot of good points and thank you for the support and compliments.  i'm trying to abstract my ai into a system that is highly modular. for example i could have an ai that can think but i could have that same ai script controlling a turret for example. im trying to find ways to really really abstract things to the point that it could be a gun, turret, character, or vehicle all controlled by the same thing because the basic elements of behaviour are the same. this sounds easy on the surface but it takes up a lot of my thought processes throughout the day.   thanks again i really appreciate the feedback. here is another update:
  4. Naval Simulation Prototype

    another update:   driving around a willys jeep i made in blender :)
  5. Naval Simulation Prototype

    here is another video update of the navy marines project. i added textures :) also added vehicles with physics.
  6. Naval Simulation Prototype

    lol. thanks for the input I appreciate it.  your definetly right on the gun. all this work is original. i made those models in blender and animated them and i coded it.  i am just about to reduce the right arm movement because like you said its too much.  i will be slowly updating these characters and making the game look higher quality.   just to be clear this is a prototype manufacturing kit.  im designing it so i can radiply deploy games.  this game/prototype is showcasing how i'm able to do this.   ive spent a lot of time on coding the framework. the framework has taken me 3 years in the unity engine to realize.  i originally wrote the code in javascript then i recently converted the whole project to c#.  i wrote my own networking package. etc.   Thanks Thaumaturge and Orymus3 for the comments.  I appreciate it :)   Espen
  7.   This project is only a few days old. Feedback would be appreciated :)   Espen
  8.     there is another update.  there is a download link on the youtube video.  hope everyone is well :)   Espen
  9. Old school game for old school gamers.  Hope you guys like it its still in development:  
  10. this game just came out: download link:   Thanks for the time.
  11. Free Demo for download - FPS Space Game   thats the video. thanks for checking it out
  12. BackSpace, the Space Game.   pre alpha demo build - a bit buggy but most of it works thanks for the time   Espen
  13. updated version of that last video i messed up on the render
  14. thanks for the feedback i will take it to heart and work on the detail more. ill look into it lactose thank you. thanks walter. heres another update:
  15. another update.    also we are releasing a free demo.   here is the video with some info, thanks folks :)