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  1. Help for a total begginer in programming

    A great deal of thanks to everyone who has replied. [quote name='keratacon' timestamp='1334681876' post='4932189'] It seems to me like you want an actual suggestion and not "there are dozens of languages people like to start with" or "back in the 80s, here's what I started with." [/quote] This was indeed what I wanted,thanks. I will now proceed to learn ActionScript and see if that makes any more sense to me than C++ did. Again, thanks for all your help.
  2. Ok, so here's my situation: I want to learn how to program games. I have no experience with programming whatsoever. I started reading a book (Beginning C++ through game programming) for a few weeks but I just didn't grasp any concept or learn any part of the structure or the things I was using. After reading the boards here for a bit I read some recommendations about not starting with C++ and learning something easier instead. Will learning another language make it easier for me to understand C++ later? Will I get the whole idea if I try with a different language?What should I do as a start? Thanks in advance.