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  1. Haruka

    NNN Online Project

    Released new version   added: phone quests system corected character animations     download page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/animekids/files/pre_alpha2.3/
  2. Haruka

    NNN Online Project

    Finished NEW characters style. New version of the game is available on our website http://www.animekids.org/index.html#top_nya see screenshots)
  3. Haruka

    Project Midaera

    Looks very familiar. Is it clone of AMG Alice?
  4. Haruka

    NNN Online Project

    Pre-Alpha version was updated. Included next additions and fixes: New sever database fixed some character's animations added map parametres - "character_scale" and "integer_camera_movement" returned some lost item models Download available from http://www.animekids.org/nnn_download.html#dev_nya
  5. Haruka

    NNN Online

    Screenshot of NNN online Project www.animekids.org
  6. Haruka

    NNN Online Project

    Presenting mega cute and kawaii game. This is online multiplayer game(not so massive...) Absolutely free and open source. More completely info can find on our site www.animekids.org screenshots:
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