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  1. Starting 2D Game Creation

    I would really only need to color certain tiles. The spirtes are low-detail but I just need to be able to render them cleanly. I'll look into SFML. Thank you for the reply!
  2. Starting 2D Game Creation

    Hey everyone, I know that this forum runs rampant with these sort of posts, and I've read through many of them to no avail, but I thought I had a few more specific questions that I was just wondering if you could help me with. I am a computer science major in college and know console c++ programming fairly well. I am interested in creating a 2D Strategy/RPG game and was wondering what SDK I should use. [u]DirectX[/u] I have been messing around with DX9 but I'm not sure whether I should be using textured quads or Sprites. The only thing I really need is the ability to do overlay FX and tile tinting. I think the biggest problem that I'm running into is the fact that whenever I start blitting Sprites onto the screen using Draw, it renders them incredibly awkwardly. They are smashed or skewed. I'm using power of 2 sprites. 16x16 to be exact. Also, I tried doing a matrix transformation of 2x on my sprite and it made it awkwardly blurry.. (which is not at all wanted). If you guys could be of help with any of this (via board, email or messenger) just message me on here or leave a post. [u]OpenGL[/u] I'm not opposed to the idea of using OpenGL if it would be more easy to adapt to the blitting procedures since this is my first game. This is more of an indie side-project-type thing that will most likely never go online, but if-someday-I wanted to make it have fairly simple online features, would DirectX be a more adequate choice? [u]That other SDK that starts with the letter 'S'[/u] I believe it was called SMFL or something to that extent. If this would be a more appropriate library, I'd be glad to look into it. I don't want something that has zero control over the sprites, though. I really appreciate you guys reading this and any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Justin