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  1. Well if i were you i would start learning C# with Xna or Monogame in case you want cross-platform or if you preffer Java go for Libgdx because its super cross-platform.You will find lots of tutorials on YouTube for these two frameworks! Good luck,you`ll need it!
  2. Hello,   My name is Vlad,I`m 16, and I do game dev for 2+ years and now I need an artist for my 2D game.You basically just need to draw tiles,BGs and maybe a couple of enemies.If you are willing to make me 2D art for free time to time then add me on skype : vladmihail1997 and we`ll talk more.I`m planning to join in the next ludum dare,so i really need an artist Thanks you very very much for reading !
  3. I really like Citus Engine , thanks for share !
  4.   No android support  
  5. Hello community !   For  a long time I used Love2d which it is a fremework in Lua , for a little time I have been using python but I dont like it because I need to be worried to much about the spaces between lines . So I am asking you a 2D(if it is capabile of 3D is ok) framework cross platform , pc , mac , linux , android the language dosent matter at all. Please do not recommend me Java/Libgdx because I can not find any good tutorials for it , Monogame same   Edit 1: My goals are to make a game like super meat boy or FEZ(only 2d view the 3d view not) or Terraria,so if the framework that you recomand me is for this kind of games you should leave a comment , thx!
  6. Are you  betraying Lua/Love2d ? If you keep changing  languages that does not mean you can do python games..You should be ashamed. For 2D games you don't need a super language because you are not doing to many calculations and things like this.So don`t worry any more about performance,do games ! Anyone on this forum can say that the performance in a 2d game will always be in any language's okay,of course if you are not doing stupid calculations.]   Edit:Maybe if you want to make the next Limbo,Braid or Terraria you should pick C#/Monogame , Java/Libgdx or C++ if not choose anything else and it will be fine
  7. I was thinking in picking up LWJGL because its has all this methods pre made witch its cool because i dont need to reinvent the wheel but i cant find tutorials except CodingUnivers witch its quit good but he focus more on 3D. So i am wondering if i am using Pure Java for 2d games its good,can i get good performance ? If not i will stick with Love2d :D 
  8. Hello game devs!   I am just wondering if i should continuly learn pure java for my 2d game or i should start learning lwjgl?     P.S:my goal is to make a terraria clone.
  9. If you want an active community , easy language to learn and power you should take a look at Love2d
  10. Thanks for the replays! I learnt C# and XNA and i was playing around with it but i did not  like the fact that i can run my games only on Win.So i tryed MonoGame but the documentation is messy. Unity sounds awesome but i need to pay for it ... this is disappointing.   P.S:Also i know Java pretty well, but C# seems more conveable in terms of Frameworks and flexibility for me. I don't have any problems with Java if you guys think its better to stick with it
  11. Is flash + flixel a good choice for 2d games on PC? I heard that flash is only use for internet games which i am not interested!
  12. Thanks everybody for your help!! I will stick with slick2d and i`ll try to do my best!
  13. So if i go with Slick2D everything will be fine?
  14. 3Ddreamer - Thanks for your replay and yes i`ve made 5 games aleardy. Have you looked at jMonkey? - Of corse i did but i never figure out how to use it :)). I think you guys misunderstand me I am  not really a begginer i have 1 year + a couple of months experience.
  15. SillyCow - I`ve done some platformers game in the past but very basic :)   Damian. - I`d like to make 2D games