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  1. Okay this seems to being blown way out of proportion. 1. Sorry for any confusion to those who thought that this short paragraph was actually the only bit of story that existed. To be honest I put it here for feed back not to amuse any one. I am new to game making as it were and will not pretend that I am better than I am. Again sorry if it seemed like this was the entire story, but there are actually no conclusions to be made from this paragraph 2. To eugen2k: I posted here for feedback not for a pat on the back. Linc is one of my very closest friends and I admire the fact that he stood up for me. The feedback is helpful but half of what you say is assumption or inference. When you assume... No but seriously it actually surprises me how much you can deduce from that one paragraph about how this story sucks. After you were blatant you did make some actual points. I can see what you mean at how there are continuity goofs here, but half of what you said was assumption or inference. 3. To FLeBlanc: Thanks for the feedback, what you had to say was actually helpful. The fact of the matter is you almost seem to be talking the post as insult to your integrity or something. You had good feedback and I feel awful about placing this in the wrong forum although I'd love to talk to anyone about our design. Not an advertisement for the blog it is actually sincere appeal for feedback. 4. To Acharis: Thanks but not really. Please post your opinion not what someone else has already said it makes me feel like you think Linc and I are stupid because your opinion on what someone else has said is either more correct or more valuable Finally don't get me wrong I don't have anything against any of the three of you. Actual constructive feedback is helpful. I wasn't trying to write a masterpiece story, merely looking for feedback, thanks.
  2. My good friend and I are taking on the challenge of creating a computer game. It is in extremely early stages of development. We have a blog [url="http://play-dd-games.blogspot.com/"]http://play-dd-games.blogspot.com/[/url] and there, other places, and here we will posting updates and we look forward to receiving any feedback we can get as we get going on this project. My friend has also posted a topic about this (Zak LeRoi, PC RPG) his username is Linc. [color=#333333]DD Gaming is currently working on a game project we are naming The Lost Keys of Alraith[/color] [color=#333333]As with any day we begin it by waking up. Zak LeRoi, a young peasant villager in the rolling hills of Alraith wakes up to the sound of crackling fire and whistling wind. He finds the village charred black and reduced to ashes. Zak's memory is all but gone, he remembers one thing: He was there when the fire erupted and the culprit he'd seen commit the crime was King Rizya, the king of Alraith. There were only a few survivors from the fire, none of which were Zak's family... he leaves the destruction and swears vengeance under his breath, "King Rizya must pay."[/color]