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  1. Hey, we have redesigned our [url="http://muo-game.de"]website[/url] today and grabbed some general information on the main page. The [url="http://muo-game.de/category/blogposts/"]blog posts[/url] are now on a lower side. There you will find the [url="http://muo-game.de/new-team-member-irc-channel/"]today's post[/url] about the progress of the last week. Topic of the post: Our new member, IRC channel, sound engine Best regards Teekeks.
  2. Hey! We have some update for you: There is some update about the engine, the ships & stations and the models. If you like to read more: you can read our new blogpost here: [url]http://muo-game.de/interim-report/[/url] Teekeks from BitSpace-Dev
  3. Hey, several weeks, a lot of lost nerves, 283561 characters and 7242 lines of code later, it finally happened. The basic GUI elements for MUO are implemented. Until now, there are labels, radio buttons, check boxes, edits, scroll bars, images, list boxes, tab and page controls, and of course frames. So you can build just anything, which you can imagine. Of course, there will be one or two controls in the game, that are not implemented yet, but we have already planned this, so the existing classes can be extended quickly and easily. Because we had enough images in the past postings, here you had something to ‘touch’. A brand new compiled [url="http://files.muo-game.de/guiDemo.zip"]GUI demo[/url] [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] Please do not wonder, why the executable file is this large. The program was compiled with debug information, to be able to handle errors better. We would be very happy, if you can give us some feedback about the programm or the GUI. In the beginning we thought that a white transparent design looks good, but with the dark background it is all gray. But for this we have already planed in advance. To change the design just a little texture needs to be changed, the rest is done by the programm itself. Have fun testing the programm. Please send feedback to info@muo-game.de or post something in the comments. Thank you [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] [size=5][b][url="http://files.muo-game.de/guiDemo.zip"]download GUI demo[/url][/b][/size]
  4. Hello, two friends (Bergmann and Akaikee) and I had a idea 6 months ago. The idea was to create a multiplayer clone of the wonderful game X. So we started to plan and the idea changed to a real project. And this project I would like to present you now: [img]http://bergmann89.de/files/MUO/muologobanner.png[/img] [list=1] [*][b]Title[/b] Massive Universe Online (MUO) [*][b]Description[/b] The Plan is to create a multiplayer game witch includes the main aspects of X, but also added a lot of own ideas and mainly include a exciting community aspect to the game. Here you can see our old [url="http://bergmann89.de/files/MUO/Massive%20Universe%20Online.png"]Mindmap[/url] (wich is not that exact, but gives a nice overview) and a overview about the [url="http://bergmann89.de/files/MUO/Wirtschaftssystem.png"]economic system[/url] The project is spit into 4 parts: [list] [*]Implementing an editor for game content modeling (like items, ships, sations and sectors) [*]Implementing the Client sided game logic [*]Implementing the Server sided game logic [*]Implementing the graphics system [/list] [/list][list] [*][b]Required Software[/b] We were have take care only to use freeware programs, so that everyone can come into this project. [list] [*]Developing with FPC/Lazarus (32bit and 64bit) [*]xMind for the mind maps [*]The models can be create with any editor which can export to .obj-files. We recommend Blender. [*]As a version tool, we use git and on the client side Smartgit as GUI [/list][*][b]License[/b] At the moment, we have no exact idea witch license-model we like to use. Mainly the game will be Freeware but we also like to add a kind of a premium-system in order to get the Server-costs back. [*][b]Expected time of project[/b] We like to release the alpha-version in summer 2013 with the basic functions included. The alpha will run on a public test server. The beta (with all planed functions) will be released in the end of 2013. The final release is planed for summer 2014. This is not that much time, but with enouth motivation and enthusiasm we can do it! [*][b]Tasks and needed skills[/b] At the moment, we are 3 programmers (Bergmann, Martok and me). The 4th Member (Akaikee) doing all our graphic- and model-stuff. The Blog, Wiki and Hosting is my personal task. So we need (mainly) 4-5 peole wich like to create the graphic stuff, because this is the most time intensive task we have at the moment. This is way to much work for one person. We are also happy if someone would like to help us only with a few models or textures and if you like, you will be named in the game for helping us. [*][b]Organisation[/b] The communication will be handled with Skype mainly. But we also have Mail [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] All decisions will be handled democratically, but on a deadlock situation, Bergmann, Akaikee and me have the last words. We also celebrate weekly meetings in order to distribute new tasks and commend new ideas. Important information about the Design In order to get a nice artwork, I'd like do describe the different races: [/list][list] [*]Janaru (human like) - The stations and ships of this race will oriented on the reality (like Spaceshuttle, Fighter, ISS, ...). The color of this race is white. [*]Tambinor (fish like) – The Models will look like underwater stations and -ships. The color of this race is blue. [*]Bendalir (lavagolem) – This race owns gigantic, blocky or scee-like ships and stations. They should loog like flying rocks [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] The color is of course red. [*]Cogadh (kind of a lizard) – The own tall, sharp and edgy ships. (maybe like a cactus). The color of this race is green. [/list] Also, the models are designed so that you can use most parts of the ship in other models (modular crafting [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]). [b]Important Links:[/b] [url="http://muo-game.de/en/"]Development-Blog[/url] (since yesterday available in english!) [url="http://twitter.com/#!/MassiveUO"]Massive Universe Online on Twitter[/url] If you are Intrested, you can post a comment below or write a mail to [email=""]info@muo-game.de[/email]. See you! Bergmann89, Martok, Akaikee, Teekeks.