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  1. Faux Sprite Rotation?

    I was playing around with a few sprites the other night and a thought occurred to me. What if I could draw the whole head and torso, define which edges the sprites start and stop at while rotating, and cut parts of the outside edges to simulate fluid rotation? Other parts of the characters (hair, limbs, equipped weapons) would be on seperate layers and I could try to manipulate those pieces to expand or contract while moving with the character to make it look like some points are moving closer or farther away from the player's view point. Wow, that's long-winded... Well, I scoured the interwebz for documentation on anything that sounded similar and came up empty handed. I figured it'd look sharper, but it doesn't seem to have been tried. Where does all this long-winded, highly speculative talk leave us on our not so intimate internet encounter? On the wrong end of the following questions! Has anyone used or seen a similar technique? Does documentation on such things exist or am I overthinking this whole thing? Thank you in advance for any information. Negative or positive.