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    AI for base-building strategy

    I would also suggest using StarCraft Brood War. Here is some information on a competition for it, that also has some helpful links to start: http://webdocs.cs.ualberta.ca/~cdavid/starcraftaicomp/
  2.   Ok, so mostly like my 3rd option, but explain everything more before showing the actual code?
  3. I recently started a blog, and I am currently writing programming tutorials for it. My first post is available at http://www.diusrex.com/2014/08/qt-model-view-programming-tutorial/.   How do you prefer the code and concepts to be introduced? There are three major ways of organizing them:      1) Completely explain the concepts first, then show the code. The advantage of doing it like this is that the reader would know what the code does before they read it.     2) Show the complete code and then explain what it does. The advantage of this organization is that the concepts will be tied into the code that was previously looked at.     3) State the general purpose of the function, show the code, then explains the concept in the code. The advantage for this method is that they will know the general purpose of the code as they read it and the concepts will be tied into the code they just looked at.      Which organization do you prefer when reading a tutorial or is there a different way to organize the concepts and code that I haven't thought of?
  4. Diusrex

    Help to understand my own misstake?

    What was the value for renderID?   Because when you use mapTest.at(0), it tries to find an element whose key is 0 and if there is no element with a key of 0 in the map, then it throws a on out_of_range error.  If you wanted to access the gameObjectTest that you added, then you would want to use mapTest.at(renderID).   When you use begin() though, it doesn't care what the key is, it just starts at the beginning of the map, which would be the pair that you added in.
  5. Diusrex

    Environment for Python?

    On windows, you can also run the python file from the command line by running "python filename.py".    I know that eclipse (http://eclipse.org/downloads) can run python using pydev (http://pydev.org), don't know if eclipse works on mac or *nix, but it works on windows.
  6. Diusrex

    Yiddish indentation

      But the } u added doesn't match up to anything.   That for loop's inconsistent indentation messed u up
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