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  1. Java and graphics APIs

    That's very helpful, thanks!
  2. Java and graphics APIs

    What exactly does the default lack in terms of game programming? Is it just input and sound? Since essentially for me this is just learning experience - I don't want to just make a game, I want to make it learning as much as I can, so maybe I can try to program it myself and see how that would work.
  3. Java and graphics APIs

    Hello, In recent past I've been working on a game engine for actionscript 3. I was doing it in as3 because it's portable, I quite liked the graphics APIs and everything seemed quite natural for me there. Recently I lost all of my work and I'm thinking about rebooting my project in Java. Now the reasons are:   1. I'm a uni student and I just had a year-long project, which was written in java. So I think I'm reasonably good with the language (especially since I was taught of things about it in the uni, so I'm aware of some subtleties, etc.).  2. It fits my game design slightly better than as3 (since I'm thinking of possible controller support). 3. It's more efficient. The more I looked into graphics performance in as3 the more I realised that if I want to have good performance with a lot of particles, as3 might not be a good choice. I had a graphics and vision course lately and I want to play around with direct pixel manipulation as well (for prettyness!). Since as3 doesn't support GPU acceleration (I think ), it would slow down my engine even more. So finally to the question: how good are java APIs when it comes to graphics? (e.g. AS3 had a built-in method for hit testing for bitmaps, does java have anything of the sorts?) How good is java when it comes to 3D? Share your experiences with java and graphics. Thanks in advance!