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  1. How to recruit programmers?

    I myself am a programmer (and can't draw a square to save my life) but had to have an artist to make certain games that required good presentation. So I decided to meet some artists. There aren't many artists in the Engineering Building so I decided to seek them out by taking art and 3D modeling and animation classes. From those classes I was able to befriend artists who had the same interests as I and we made some flash games when our school work wasn't bogging us down. As a perk, I also learned to draw and can now make a decent square. I believe you said you were a college student. Then my best advice is to meet and become friends with programmers. Where do you find programmers you may (or may not) ask? Well, CS courses of course. Take introductory to CS courses where you can meet other programmers that may have the same interest as you. Also it will improve your coding skills as well so you may not always have to rely on them. Also with wanting games in your profile, while it is good, you don't need huge, and possibly incomplete, projects in your resume. What employers want are complete games even if they aren't a AAA game or even being sold on Steam. Making smaller, complete games (even those escape the room type games that no one will play) will go a longer way than bigger, incomplete games.
  2. Game dev for a 7-year old?

    I help out with some Summer programs at the University of Utah where some of the programs are geared towards children of that age range. That program uses Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/). It is more designed to help a person learn basic programming skill and can be used to make a simple game. With that in mind, Game Maker and Game Salad are the somewhat the same (with some more advance features). Play around with any of the programs and decide which you think is best. All 3, imho, should be fine for a 7 year old to use especially with the drag and drop features.
  3. Code Help - Pong Game

    Without laying out the exact code, implement a getter.