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  1. thanks Kryzon - I'm thinking it might be best in the long run to run with the Blender approach & I can reuse this in the future for other game art...
  2. good point StarMire - however if I want to get a set of images (that form the animation) and I want the non-hands pieces to have alpha=0, then it would be easier using Blender right?  i.e. if you record via camera I'm not sure how you'd do this?
  3. thanks Kryzon - I wouldn't have thought to put "FPS" in the search...
  4. thanks Gian-Reto - can I ask to anyone   a) Is there an obvious alternative to Blender that you might recommend for someone on a Mac that would be more intuitive?  I'd be willing to pay say up to ~$200 if it speeds the rampup up.  (I did come across Cheetah for Mac, http://www.cheetah3d.com/ , not sure if it's one of the more highly used tools however)   b) Is there a way/place/site to search for model's that would already have the rigging/bones etc set up?  i.e. so you'd just import and use the timeline and set keypoints by only having to move the bones?  No doubt the cost for such a model might be higher, but it would save quite a bit of time I'm assuming.
  5. Any suggestions re simplest approach to make a simple animation for a simple handing playing a drum? It's for use in a mobile game using Corona SDK to what I need at the end of the day for Corona is an animation (set of images that form the animation).   So I'm just a 3D looking hand (perhaps arm) that will be lifted up off the desk, towards you (i.e. towards the camera so to speak) and then comes down and plays a drum (separate image), and then retracts back. I'll then dynamically call upon this animation whenever the drum is played in the game.    The hand could be a realistic looking hand, or just a cartoon, but with the 3D look when it taps the drum.   QUESTION: I'm on a Mac and wondering what is the simplest approach (tools & approach) to getting such an animation. Note I have Anime Studio Pro 9, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Spine. I tried downloading an OBJ hand model into Anime Studio but it didn't seem to really work.    I was thinking the simplest is to download/purchase a simple hand 3D model (from 3D Models for Professionals :: TurboSquid perhaps?) and import this into a 3D modelling tool (Blender?) and then ideally be able to animate it there and output a set of animation images. Would this be the best way? What software would I need for this? would Blender handle this?
  6. I have used physics editor for physics boundaries which is good, i.e. producing polygons.   I want to trace an image now however for "display.newPolygon( x, y, vertices )" in Corona SDK, so don't want to export polygons, but rather the vertices.  e.g. x1,y1, x2,y2, x3,y3 etc..   What's a good tool for this?  (I'm on Mac - I do have Photoshop CS6...)
  7. thanks for a great response - I must admit I'm having to google some of the techniques you mention :)   Would I be on the right track re my understanding here:   a) use a mesh - so this would be (well in Corona SDK for me) creating a set of polygon(2) that represent the outline of the item (e.g. bucket, or end-to-end flow of pain).    b) paint-stream mesh would get a paint like material - so this would be then using photoshop type effects to apply to the mesh (Corona Graphics 2.0 now has some of this http://www.coronalabs.com/2d/).   Or perhaps you meant to use images to render as a photoshop like "pattern" within the object area?   c)  bump map - assume this would be an effect you could apply to an image you might use    d) uv-displacement - bit beyond me?  an effect for images?  Not sure if Corona Graphics 2.0 can help me out here)   e) vertex blending between the two paint meshes - is this just the type of blending mode you would use?  I'd have to rely on what is available in Corona I assume>     thanks 
  8. thanks the liquid simulation seems quite good - main concern will be it'll need physics and if have enough things happening on the screen I'm not sure how performance will be, but I guess it performance wasn't an issue it might be the best approach then   If I wanted something less intensive without physics however, wondering what basic non-physics graphic approach might be the best?  Perhaps a chain of 10 blog type images that rendered/blended together.  That is almost like a piece of string pulled out of the bucket with images attached and spaced along the string...
  9. Any advice/ideas re what technique to use to do the graphics effects of paint pouring out of the bucket?  Say for example:   - you have a transparent/glass bucket/container - it has colored paint/liquid in it - then you tilt the container over say 45 degrees and the paint/liquid starts pouring out and down   Will be on IOS and using Corona SDK, but really the question is about what graphics technique might be best to use, images, sprites, polygons with fills....    
  10. [color=#333333] Any links to existing design (e.g. class diagrams, database ER diagrams) for a basic adventure game - i.e. that has the aspects of: rooms/locations (which you move between) objects which you collect / use (which may have behaviours) inventory (i.e. items which you carry) rules (e.g. if you to want to open Door X, then you need Key Y) [color=#333333] I'm starting one and seeing that whilst I could develop/evolve a design, it would be better to leverage a tried and proven design. Perhaps there is some open source game software targeted at "adventure games" that exists? Like a template starting point, and I could look at the design they used. [color=#333333] My interest revolves around once you start have say 100 rooms/areas/places, with say 50 objects, and rules re what object is required to allow what to happen etc, then the design is going to start to be quite important else the game will start to look like spagetti... [color=#333333] thanks
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