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  1. Nicholas Ladefoged

    Need help with hello world :)

    thanks for the replies. what i imagine. is a browser opening when i want to launch what i wrote. but maybe thats just a bit too far out of my league yet im very new a programming. so i still have a "hard time" understanding how it works in reality
  2. Nicholas Ladefoged

    Need help with hello world :)

    followed your first advice, i got my file with a java icon on it. i double click it, and nothing happens? only possible thing that might be wrong, that i can see is maybe the java program i use to launch isent the right? i use "java platform se binary" you got any suggestions? actually something does happen really fast. a cmd opens and closes really fast. captured what it said with a screen shot : Error: could not find or load main class c:\users\nico\desktop\var1.jar btw thanks for your reply. exporting it, so obvious. i just thought i saved it, and tryed to run it as the saved file from eclipse.
  3. Nicholas Ladefoged

    Need help with hello world :)

    i am using eclipse to make my first java script. .. the script i made look like this public class hallo1 { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub System.out.print("Hello world"); } } [size=2]it shows "hello world" in the console inside eclipse, so everything is fine there. im just wondering, how do i take it out of eclipse? (for future scripts) i have tried open it in java. but it closes really fast tryed to print screen to see what it said, and it said it couldnt find my file. i think i have heard i should save it as a jar file to see it? mby im wrong. please help if you can or mby just make it open my cmd? if thats possible.
  4. Nicholas Ladefoged

    Completly new on game programming

    That is a really good guide. you nailed it. thank you
  5. Nicholas Ladefoged

    Completly new on game programming

    Actually i just want to ask. how to start ? been reading about it for some time now, what i understood was that c++ should be like.. when u know a little bit. so, where do i start? i now a little bit "computer language" i can do most html. but thats about it. and making webpages is just not my thing, so im trying a bit gaming now. i know there might be different opinions on how to start. just come with yours maybe some links to a good tutorial, or just a name on the language or program. thank you.
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