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    DragonEvo TCG - Beta

    Dragon Evo is a browser based online action card game. The game features both RPG and traditional CCG elements. It is set in a fantasy universe where players much choose one of the factions to represent. The game has been a early alpha/proof of concept game that we have had out for the last 2 years. Now, rewriting almost all of the codebase and updating all UI of the entire game we are finally ready for the beta. The game is free to play and can be access at https://play.dragonevo.net/ If you like TCG and would like to help us out make this game even better, please have a look and test it a bit.
  2. Here is the newest Gameplay video of Dragon Evo TCG. It shows the newest version of the layout. Our new game menu, how to play the game and more. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Here are screenshots from the first live gameplay. Only showing a couple, you can find about 15 more at our facebook page www.facebook.com/dragonevothecardgame placing cards: When you have placed your cards and the game is ready to begin you will see your opponents placing their cards: Selecting an attack! killing a card: As we said, there are more images on our facebook page. Also, keep in mind all images are work in progress and does not portray the final gameplay experience. And here is a link to our first battle music: Regards Simen Skogheim Dragon Evo TCG team support@dragonevo.com www.dragonevo.com
  4. Just a tiny little update. Here is the current view of the Game board. (we will not reveal the ingame card look at this moment) Ingame private chat is implemented, as seen at the top. Hovering the mouse over will make it drop down, removing the mouse cursor from the chat window will dock it back up. (all images are work in progress and subject to change and may look completely different in the final version) Regards Simen Skogheim Dragon Evo tcg team www.dragonevo.com www.support@dragonevo.com
  5. Here are some extra card art, allready on our facebook and google plus page, but for those who haven't seen them yet: We have some new card art coming in later this week and some more the following weeks. As promised we are also working on our new game guide, where the we will describe the different factions and the different races that inhabit the continent of Tyrenir. Later we will expand with a beginners guide, maps and more. Our frontpage will also tell more about the game and we will update the FAQ with some of the questions we have recieved via email and on the forums. Regards Simen Skogheim Dragon Evo TCG Support Team support@dragonevo.com www.dragonevo.com
  6. We are getting rather close to the first testing and we still have some open slots. First testing will available for about 30 testers. (send us an email at support@dragonevo.com or at testers@dragonevo.com if you would like to be signed up for one of the testing rounds coming soon. Here are some screenshots from the website and some card art. (see more at www.facebook.com/dragonevothecardgame) Regards Simen Skogheim Dragon Evo TCG Support Team support@dragonevo.com www.dragonevo.com
  7. Exciting news! Our Lobby is now up and running, which means we are getting closer to testing days(lobby is only for testers). This is public chat, but at a later point there possibility to form a private chat room with friends will be added. This is offcourse just early preview, and things may look completely different once the testing starts, but things are starting to get ready! More buttons and features are on the way. Are you excited?!
  8. We just released our new website layout. Go check it out! www.dragonevo.com We will add more content the following days. regards Simen Skogheim www.dragonevo.com [email="support@dragonevo.com"]support@dragonevo.com[/email] The dragon evo TCG team
  9. Some time ago we created a game called Dragon Evo, which is a free to play online card game. But due to a lot of requests of making the game easier to play we decided to rebuild the game from the ground up. After a long time of planning and reworking the ground idea and game mechanism, the work on "Dragon Evo the card game" has started again. Some new team members have joined and the ground rules of the game has been simplified, but the keeping the game essence and without limiting the possibility to time and plan your attacks. Play it, wherever you want, on whater device you want We want to build an action card game where you can play however you feel like. Bring your game with you when you travel, meet up for a local game with friends or play opponents from around the world. Play it whether you're on the move or in the comfort of your own living room. Using html 5 and related technologies we're bringing you a gaming experience tailored to the device you're playing on. Here are some examples: Fire up your tablet device (iPad or Android tablet), log in to the website and open up your games list. Find the game you're playing with your friend and select "Show game board". The game board then opens up on your tablet - fullscreen and is updated live as the game progresses. Put your tablet down and open up the browser on your phone. Log in, find the game you're playing and select "Game deck", and the cards you're playing with will be shown on your phone. Play cards from your phone and watch the tablet update automatically as you play cards, attack your opponent or your opponent plays. Log in to dragonevo.com on your smart tv or computer. Find the game you're playing and select "Show game board", and watch the game play out on your big screen! Use your phone, tablet or a different computer to control your cards. Play on the go! Fire up dragonevo.com in your mobile browser and use the mobile view to get a full game experience with a layout tailored to your device. Play the full game but with a simplified experience. Play on your computer! Fire up your desktop browser, go to dragonevo.com and open up the main game view in your browser, where you have the game board, card view and everything else you need! We will begin testing the game as soon as the basic game mechanisms are in place and we will let more and more people in, until those who have signed up for a beta access(or was registered for testing earlier) have access to the game. In the meantime you can check out or Facebook Page or our Google+ Page for any updates. But we need your help. Please take a few minutes to visit our Indiegogo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/dragonevo?a=21864 regards Simen Skogheim [email="support@dragonevo.com"]support@dragonevo.com[/email] The dragon evo TCG team
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