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  1. Improve 3D Studio max performance

    Hello and welcome here , If it still helps you , know that 3ds max should render and mode everything smooth if your model if not bigger than 100.000 tris and you don't have spyware , malware or anything really bad going on with the computer ( overheating maybe ) . My advice would be : format computer , check for overheating ,hardware compat. and reinstall . Also install latest drivers and set your 3ds max to direct 3d . Cheers .
  2. I am also working with sat maps and I bought Google Earth Pro . Also you can buy sat imagery via DigitalGlobe . If i were you I would create a 4096 * 4096 quad texture and in photoshop I would start placing sat imagery and deleting non important parts . You can use 10-20 and by simply using the faded edges brush on the eraser you will have blending . In 2 hours it's done and it will look great . And you don't need painting skills , i also have little painting skills . As for the pixels .. it's impossible to get what you want with only one image . You will need to search through the engine you use for detail texturing . In principle you will create a mask ( or by vertex paint ) with different colours and each colour will have a detail texture . This is what your example uses , this is what I use , this is how this problem is solved usually .
  3. Texturing 3ds models

    There are tutorials on the web for using Z-brush to paint and model your terrain . Also in 3ds max you can add details using the vertex paint options . Texture blendind , textures , bump maps and so on . Check the tutorials on vertex color / vertex paint using F1 in 3ds max . Also don't underestimate the power of photoshop and integration with 3ds max . You can make a top wireframe render , load it in photoshop and paint on it , and in 3ds max you can load the same psd and it will update when you save the psd file . I can provide more help if needed Kudos !
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