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  1. Ok, I'll explain briefly what it is that I would like to do so that I can get the best advice. I do programming for my company, I mostly work on things for our sales department. (We have TV monitors around the sales floor that displays our current stats/sales etc. These use basic .NET Graphics to draw what is required onto the screen, I work with our internal phone systems, Management Interface applications etc.) We also run contests, etc, that need to be represented in some way on the screens. For our next contest, I'd like to "step up" the game essentially and really give our sales guys something different. We are going to be doing a baseball contest, and without going into all the details, I'd like to use some 3d graphics to maybe have a batter swing a bat, etc. It doesn't need to be fancy, I'm thinking like Nintendo 64 graphics, etc. Now, the heart/meat of question is... would it be easy enough to find free 3d model samples on the web and plug them into a .NET application? I've done some research and understand that my best option will be SlimDX as a DirectX wrapper. Would there be easier ways to accomplish this that you could think of? Maybe a better set of forums to be posting in? Any advice on where to get started, or maybe a decent set of tutorials for utilizing free simple 3d graphics in a .NET app, would be greatly appreciated!