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    Any pointers?

    Thanks so much! -Yeah, my mastering situation is pretty bad. My headphone port is sort of wiggly, it's a long story. But long story short, I'm mixing in mono. That would explain the lack of panning and the pop sounds and so forth. I'm typically pretty audiophilic, and it's kinda painful to release something this underdone. -Are you talking about the patch at :55? Because yeah, it sounded great in my makeshift lo-fi set up, but I can see what you're talking about. -Typically my orchestrations (arrangements? I don't even know) are really busy. I thought I'd back off a little bit for this, but I probably backed off too much. It's just a matter of finding a balance between too busy and not busy enough. -I love incorporating strings into everything. I've never played any strings, I've always been a piano and woodwind kind of guy, but the tremolo and the pizz just had a really nice way of sneaking in there. -What would you suggest as far as other ambient approaches go? And I've listened to your stuff and I'm really impressed. This is definitely a field I want to pursue as a career, whether I wind up in film or video games or commercials or whatever. I'm only 16, what would you suggest I focus on in pieces in the future? And in what ways can I start preparing myself for such a career?
  2. Johncoyne

    Any pointers?

    http://soundcloud.com/johncoynemusic/bagels Maybe if I link my Soundcloud, people will listen...
  3. Johncoyne

    Expanding As A Musician: Software Help

    I would suggest getting some different free VSTs for that, there's little reason to change your whole DAW. If you just Google "Free 8 bit VST", you'll have a lot at your fingertips. I recommend two VSTs called Peach and Toad. One of them is made for tonal sounds, and one is made for percussion, both 8 bit (I can't remember which is which). There's a ton out there, but I also recommend Chip 32. It doesn't have a lot of functionality, but it allows the user to easily edit the actual wave form of the sound, allowing for really unique sounds to be made. I wouldn't change DAWs, by staying in FL, you have the ability to make your 8 bit stuff more interesting by adding other elements (see: Anamanaguchi as well as the Terraria soundtrack).
  4. Johncoyne

    Expanding As A Musician: Software Help

    Really good stuff you have there, but you do seem limited by the sounds you have available. Something that's key with using ensemble sounds is using the instrumentation correctly. Say a violin ensemble sound is sampled from twenty violins. If you have a chord with 5 notes, you now have 100 violins playing at the same time. That contributes to the non-realistic sound. However, high-end VST's have a way of getting around it. I'm not sure which one it was (it may have been VSL, not sure) but one of them started sampling chords rather than single notes to give a more true-to-life sound. I use Edirol for my orchestra sounds. It's not the best, but it doesn't break the bank (if buying is what you're into- I probably shouldn't say any more about that!). I also use Kontakt. The great thing about Kontakt is the amount of free third-party plugins out there, there's some really unique stuff available. I got a whole drum kit using sounds from a food processor, it's really cool. If you go down the Kontakt route, I highly recommend Battery 3. It has a very wide variety of percussion sounds that would be great in a film or video game setting. Also, check out Damage, another Kontakt plugin. That's more for film scores, but it could suit a war game or something as well. Now I'm rambling, but yeah. Digital instruments is crazy things.
  5. Johncoyne

    Any pointers?

    I was just playing around with some new VST's I got (just starting to learn my way around Kontakt, having a field day), and I popped this baby out in one sitting. Sounds like the background music to a puzzle game to me. Any pointers? And do you have a better idea for a track name? "Bagels" probably won't suffice for long... Thanks!
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