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  1. How to work with programmers

    Hi! I've put together a few tips for designers that have to deal with programmers in their everyday life. Most tips are what to do to avoid annoying developers or how to have a better communication and workflow. [url=""]Here is the article.[/url] If you have your own tips, I'd like to hear them as well! - Pablo
  2. After yesterday's post a lot of people told me that the #1 reason apps don't sell is because they suck. I wanted to continue the discussion by analyzing some things that in my opinion contribute to making apps that are bad. Here is the [url=""]article[/url]. Feel free to give me your opinion about what things you've done or seen other developers do that made an app suck. -Pablo
  3. 5 reasons no one is buying your app

    Hi Tyler, thanks for the feedback! I hope to continue writing about such things and linking to other useful resources. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I recently began blogging about mobile development, design, the App markets, etc. I wanted to share[url=""] my latest post[/url] about identifying why your app is not selling out there. Hope you find these tips useful. - Pablo
  5. Brief Reflections On A Meeting With iTunes Canada