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  1. Medo Mex

    Depth Problem In Release Mode

    @baldurk: Unfortunately, I have the same problem even if I reduce the image size to 2.5 MB in the project that I'm working on, although my entire project itself never exceed more than 250 MB of RAM during loading if I'm not using RenderDoc, it reaches 1.5 GB and then crash if I'm using RenderDoc.   @bioglaze: Thanks!
  2. Medo Mex

    Depth Problem In Release Mode

    @baldurk: It seems that I only get this problem if I do many calls to D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile() to load a large image file (13,125 KB jpg)   I created a demo project which has the same problem.   Since the attached files are limited to 8.48MB, I uploaded the project here:    
  3. Medo Mex

    Depth Problem In Release Mode

    Okay, all the comments were helpful here.   With RenderDoc, I found a warning that the depth stencil buffer size is not the same as the render target view size, so I had to create a depth stencil view for each render target view based on it's size.   I also found that I have uninitialized variable m_depthEnabled   @Hodgman: I'm still trying to get RenderDoc to work, it's still crashing, please check out my above comment   @Krypt0n: Number 8 failed hence number 7 failed as well :D
  4. Medo Mex

    Depth Problem In Release Mode

    @Hodgman: When I start it with RenderDoc, the game crash after few seconds (during loading), when I attach VS debugger, I see it's crashing during a call to D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile()   Unhandled exception at 0x0fa813e0 (renderdoc.dll) in Program.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000000.   It's only crashing when I run the program from RenderDoc.
  5. Medo Mex

    Depth Problem In Release Mode

    @vstrakh: I'm doing ZeroMemory() on all the structures that I give to D3D11 in the initialization before I put any values, the weird thing is that the problem occur most of the time when I run the release EXE (but not all the time)
  6. Hello,   Sometimes, when I run the EXE file in release mode, I either don't see the depth working at all (most common) or I see a depth problem as it appear in the screenshot: [attachment=31589:D Problem.png]   I'm doing assert(SUCCEEDED(hr)) on HRESULT for D3D11 initialization functions   I don't have this problem in debug mode, and mostly I don't have this problem if I'm running release mode from visual studio, the problem mostly appear if I'm running the EXE directly from release folder.   I'm using C++ / D3D11   Anyone know what could be causing the problem or how do I debug that kind of problem?  
  7. Medo Mex

    Frame Independent Problem

    @Irlan Robson: I created a class to measure the time of execution for a block of code   It seems that the problem is not caused by the physics engine, because even when I use free camera to move in the scene I experience lag occasionally.   Although the lag occurs only when the frame rate drop few frames (for example: From 60 to 52), running at around 49-55 FPS for few seconds should not make any noticeable difference (should not cause lag) than running at 60 FPS, am I correct?   Btw, I have VSync enabled.
  8. Medo Mex

    Frame Independent Problem

    @Irlan Robson: Here is what I'm doing (correct me if I'm doing something wrong): double timeElapsed = getElapsedTime(); const static double dt = 0.01; static double accumulator = 0.0; if (timeElapsed > 0.25)     timeElapsed = 0.25; accumulator += timeElapsed; while (accumulator >= dt) {     Update((float)dt);     accumulator -= dt; } And here is how I call bullet physics stepSimulation(): void Update(float dt) {     // ...     // ...     // ...     dynamicsWorld->stepSimulation(dt, 0); // dt is always equal to 0.01, maxSubSteps is equal to 0 }
  9. Medo Mex

    Frame Independent Problem

    I tried what Irlan Robson suggested, now the frame is independent but sometimes the game lag (when there is sudden frame rate drop) for example, from: 60 FPS to 49 FPS   I'm not sure why it's lagging occasionally, any suggestions?
  10. @HappyCoder: It seems that I'm losing details and the scene appears to be burned out.   How do I get greater color range in the image without losing the details so I can take advantage of HDR?
  11. Hello Guys,   When I edit the texture in photo editing software to make the bright areas brighter and the dark areas darker, I get much better results with HDR, so I thought about doing it in pixel shader instead.   How do I write a pixel shader that makes the dark areas darker and bright areas brighter?   I'm using DX11 / C++ and rendering the scene in HDR.
  12. Medo Mex

    FPS Player

    I resolved the problem by adding the line: m_overlappingPaircache->getOverlappingPairCache()->setInternalGhostPairCallback(new btGhostPairCallback()); However, the player penetrate the ground a little bit and then move up to get rid of the penetration, which case the player to appear going up and down sometimes.   Anyone know how to get the player to be stable on the ground?
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