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    Sidestep - Feedback Wanted

      Thanks for the reply,   I came to the realization that the Play Store is very competitive before I released this game, it was a learning experience all around and next time I will be more critical of what I develop.   In regards to feedback, I just wanted peoples general thoughts on the game & some changes I can make before I started working on my next one. Some idea's I got from my reddit post were "offset the player to be above the touch position" and "improve contrasting colors". Maybe I should've named the title of this thread differently however.   BTW I took maxeuwe's post somewhat lightly, he seems to use a separate account based on his post history.
  2. Xanather

    Sidestep - Feedback Wanted

      It took you two months, and the best you could is make a mouse cursor collecting pluses, with some simple physics added? Sorry, but this is a work of of two days, not two months. There are a few hundred thousands other games at Google Play about adventures of color squares/dots/circles/whatever other geometry figures drawn in MS Paint, and all of them look exactly like your game. Do you really expect somebody to notice and play your game in this ocean of other cheap MS Paint games?   Sorry if my comments sound harsh, but they are honest. You won't go anywhere with projects like these. Maybe for your next project you should make something that won't look like a game for Commodore 64, but at least will be comparable to SNES games quality, maybe. Not sure why I even bother typing this. I know people will keep dumping thousands of these MS Paint games on the Internet and then wonder why nobody plays them. Whatever.     Thanks for the reply.   For starters, I had never developed for Android before, and I used OpenGL directly as a learning experience (I haven't used an engine, excluding JBox2D).   Secondary, your right, it did take me too long for such a simple game (thought I wasn't working on it straight for 2 months, just when I started). Much of the time I spent in the level editor tool since many levels are 2000+ tiles long in height.
  3. Been working on this android game the last 2 months. Just released it today.   It has a basic idea in regards to game-play, and I am looking for feedback.   Check it out :) Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vironsoftware.sidestep   Youtube Trailer:   Thanks.
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