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  1. Would this game be fun? Look at the thousands of videos on youtube for the keyword "lcpdfr" that is a plugin/addon for GTA IV. It is a very popular addon it allows you to play as a police officer. But this addon has its limits. Take a look. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRvdGlGuLtQ"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRvdGlGuLtQ[/url]
  2. A possible concept is a online massive multiplayer where you are working with a lot of other officers, and yes it would be 24 hours based. The time would be based on the time zone in the city that we chose for the setting. This means that if you were to get on when that city is having night then you would be playing at night time. And yes the map/town is large scale. So it would take time for you to cross the city. Does this mean that when you are on one side you will get a call and have to go to the other side no! You would only be dispatched to calls within your walking or driving distance. Which would be around your station. This game is more for people who like role playing as police officers. Yes this game also does contain Fire and EMS built in so when you first join you would pick your occupation and then starts from the bottom. Thanks for your input!!
  3. Dear Gamedev, My question for you today is what do you think about realistic emergency services simulators? Such as a police game where you are a NYPD officer and you start off as a beat officer. You walk around the streets looking for crime and going to 911 calls by foot. As you play the game and get arrests you get ranked up until you get your patrol car. Where then you drive around pulling over civilians and responding to pursuits and other high risk situations. It would be very realistic. It would be full time 1st person with driving and walking. Possible Concepts: Equipment on Officer: Glock 17 Pepper Spray Latex Gloves Hand Cuffs Radio Baton Tazer Knife Equipment in Patrol Car: Radar Gun LED Lights with full realistic controls of light patterns ect. MDC (Mobile Database Computer) *Each civilians has a unique ID, and are always keep the same name, so you can search names on the computer.* Traffic Cones Flares Traffic Vest First Aid Kit Yes that is right all the equipment is dynamic and can be used. If you respond to a traffic accident, you may have to pull out the traffic cones and place on the scene. But this game is not a game where you are told where to place all your items. If you want to stop in the middle of the road for no reason and place a traffic cone then do it. Yes you are taking the role play and realistically out of the game but you have all control over how you play. This is just a idea. Do you think this game would be popular? Do you think there is a market for emergency simulators? If you have a thing for Police, Fire, or EMS. Please contact me I would love to discuss more ideas with you! Thanks!
  4. Yes may/may not consist of the subscription part. But would not allow anyone to have a advantage over other players due to real life money. This means no matter what dollar amount you cannot increase your in game assets, through purchasing items that were not purchased with in game money.
  5. Dear Gamedev Community, I am requesting your ideas/feedback on a massive mulitplayer game that would consist of real life events, economy, and features. This game would start as your being 18 just graduate from high school and you must pick your path either college or work. This game would help increase your better ability of real life economy choices. There would be stock, bills, and many other positive and negative of living the "Real World". It would be open world and you would interact with 100% real people from across the world. The economy would be one of the most advanced systems, evening complex banking depending on how you store your money. Whether your put it in checking or savings account you would draw different interest from the bank. Yes this also does mean that at times gas prices and other necessary things may rise and cause bad events. Or you could be playing the lottery and win millions. This game would be 1st person with 100% 1st person driving ect. You would need to purchase vehicles to drive from your job to home. There also would be real people playing the role as police officers so that, if you were to cause crime then you could be arrest and lose all your hard earnings. This would be a very fun and addicting game. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this idea, and thanks ahead of time for giving us feedback. Also my main question is would you purchase and play this game?
  6. Are you a active Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter, EMT, or similar? Post your stations vehicles! [img]http://www.dekalbfire.com/images/100_0428.JPG[/img]
  7. This looks like a great idea!, Couple of questions: What perspective is the game played in? (1st/3rd) Are all the players NYPD/NYFD or are some civilians? Is your website down?