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    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    My, yeah, I never saw those figures. I do hope Linux becomes more viable as a gaming platform in the fullness of time, it just lowers the bar of entry to the personal computing club by virtue of it’s ‘use now, buy never’ policy. As to other engines, has anyone tried NeoAxis or Torque3D? Of course, I’ll give them a whirl myself, but I’d also like a longer term judgement if I can find one. Thanks chaps! Edit: Nevermind, NeoAxis doesn’t actually offer native Linux Deployment. -_______- http://www.neoaxis.c...tures/platforms And neither does Torque3D apparently. I’d better head out for a run because I appear to have been eating a lot of porky pies. Edit the Second: Hmm, torchlight used Ogre as it’s rendering engine. But the nearest thing I could find to an engine/editor for it was Ogitor, and it’s barely a plugin. I think I’ll stick to Unity for the time being and if I scale up a bit later, I’ll see what the playing field is like at that time. Thanks chaps. I think I have my answer.
  2. Zookes

    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    It’s interesting, but I’m worried about performance, and furthermore, I’d very much like to build it from day one to be multi-platform. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything like Unity’s level of excellence in game engines that do provide multi-platform support. Edit: In that case, don't forget BeOS and the Commodore 64 ;)[/quote] Pfft. :S Okay, I suppose I take your point; perhaps I should defer to the chaps who make Unity on this one, they’re probably a better judge of demand than me. Would be nice to have one day though.
  3. Zookes

    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    Is that so? Where do these numbers come from anyway? You’re probably right though, it just somehow feels wrong not to include another branch of the personal computing family. I think I’ll probably just have to tinker with Ogre to see whether it multiplies the difficulty too much. Thanks for your assistance swiftcoder, it’s been edifying. Perhaps if S2 Games can do it, so can I, but perhaps not, we’ll see.
  4. Zookes

    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    I have a bit of experience with Unity, and it is excellent, but it doesn't offer Linux support. I suppose Linux people can use wine, but is there any alternative to unity that also covers the Linux platform, out of interest?
  5. Zookes

    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    That’s very encouraging, is there a resource which details the capabilities of OpenGL (and sundry variations) to render certain features, perhaps including benchmarks and so on? Also, is there a reasonably priced or open source game engine that makes use of OpenGL graphics that you can recommend (and is multi-platform)? I have been looking at neoaxis and blender3D as well as Torque 3D, but am not sure which is most favoured by developers.
  6. Zookes

    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    Ah, I see, my thanks to you both. In the interest of saving time, might it be prudent to choose a graphics engine that already supports multi-platform releases, such as Ogre3D? I am also interested in the differences between OpenGL and Direct3D; to my understanding, some of the capabilities of Direct3D are not shared by OpenGL, such as real-time tessellation and parallax mapping. Am I incorrect on this note, or does OpenGL suffer from some slight limitations in comparison to it’s more broadly used cousin? If I were to develop a graphics renderer and wanted it to appear more or less identical across platforms, would I have to forego some of these features?
  7. Zookes

    Multi-Platform PC Development.

    I see, so developers wanting to target all three PC platforms must implement an OpenGL graphics system, and can optionally have a Direct3D renderer for the Windows build. Are there any savings in time and effort if one chooses to go multi-platform from the beginning? Rather than doing it as an afterthought and failing (such as League of Legends).
  8. My apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I can't find any specifically multi-platform area for PCs. My question is essentially this; some games, like Heroes of Newerth for example, are available for all three major PC operating systems. For all the huffing and puffing from some developers about cross-platform development, this appears to be a remarkable achievement. Does anybody know how it was done, in very elementary terms? Was it coded with Java? Does it make use of OpenGL graphics for non-windows platforms? Thanks in advance answerers, I realise this is a bit obtuse for a first post! Edit: Perhaps I should elaborate, I am thinking of developing a modest game for all three major PC platforms, and I’d like to know what the travails of doing such a thing involve; what languages, tools and limitations I would face.
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