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  1. I am considering a public release. Thought this is likely set after the game itself is finished (it's a grad project) late June. As a sidenote, I have another tool that I plan to release sooner. It is currently designed to work with UDK, but could be generalized to work with other engines/platforms. a link: [url="http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/887831-UDK-Titan-Toolkit-WIP-Preview/page2?highlight=titan+toolkit"]http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/887831-UDK-Titan-Toolkit-WIP-Preview/page2?highlight=titan+toolkit[/url] The primary goal of the second tool is creating a portal for the entire team to access any software/tool they need. In our case UDK (editor, game itself), compiling, subversion, project management (ticketing and bug reports) file browsing of the udk repo etc. This is all easily accessible through this tool.
  2. Hi guys, Wanted to share something I have been working on. It's a stand-alone gameplay analysis tool I created in XNA/C#. We're using it for a game created with UDK. The tool however is designed to be stand-alone and only require the game to output the gameplay data to plain text. [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-AjYIQbXHSPI/T4maIDnVS-I/AAAAAAAABVc/Sk5uSOamFmg/s640/metrics_banner02.png[/img] We’re creating an online shooter and required a better way to get feedback on every match we played. With this tool we’re able to record all of playtest sessions and simply play it back later to analyze in-depth what happened and why. It features a variety of options to visualize an (online) match with real-time playback. There are several more features planned, to be announced at a later time. [b]First Look video (with commentary)[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az2BZ5u5_1g[/media] For more information you can visit our website: [url="http://grim.morepolygons.com"]http://grim.morepolygons.com[/url]
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